Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're the X-Men!

That’s right you heard me! Ok fine we’re not really... But we are a team... or at least we were. Over time the number of folks at Mathawaada has steadily dwindled. We were once 5, but now we’re like 2.

Teams are cool. Why? Well you get to work with other people who have some similarities to you. But a team also allows you to realize what makes you different from everyone else... sometimes you notice things about yourself that you wouldn’t notice when on your own.

Anyway here’s the Mathawaada roster!

Bawa: Bawa mostly wrote about politics, life at the medical faulty and of course the occasional strange monster. The good doctor hasn’t been in for quite some time now unfortunately. Posts from Bawa include Culture Shock: My First Day at Uni and Real Women What Rubbish.

Horton: The girl member of the team was the first to disappear. I always thought it was nice to have a female input to stop the sweaty smelliness of a sausage fest but sadly this didn’t last. Horton wrote about literature, relationships and love. Posts from Horton include Handling the Temptation and Booze Or Fag.

DRG: The Dirty Rap Gangsta was all about Hip Hop and Rap Music. DRG was also heavily in to film and theatrical productions many of which made appearances on the blog. He also was also in to books and a bit of romance. Sadly despite being one of the main members, he’s also disintegrated in to MIA status. Posts from DRG include hip-hop-and-sri-lanka-where-b&s-and-iraj ruined the show, and Falling in Love with a Psycho Chick

RealskullZero: He mostly writes about Sri Lanka, politics and some philosophical stuff. He’s still around of course but his posts have significantly dwindled in number as of late. There were times when he was the only one posting though... Posts from RealSkullZero include: Does India Really Care About Sri Lanka and Aliens in Sri Lanka.

Foxhound: Yeah that's me. I mostly wrote the philosophical stuff in addition to other stuff like Creepy Creepy Creepy and No Respect in the Bedroom

We're always a team regardless of the number and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon regardless of the situation. We're gonna keep on rolling yo!

Apologies for the self indulgent post.


  1. I thought Horton was an elephant? :O

  2. so why not expand the team? :P
    *-* *waits unexpectedly!*