Monday, October 27, 2008

Falling in love with a Psycho Chick...

“Umbata nikan hithen nadda arakita tikak pissu kiyala ha?”

They talk… talk until the whole world ends with a big bang. They are hyperactive and so alive that sometimes you feel that there’s nothing to be so in this cold boring world. They smile from their whole heart and astonish you every time with their unusual perky ways. Sometimes you want to slap them in the face and say get off this life and be like any other ordinary girl. But sometimes you want kiss them in public and hug them tightly because you are afraid that the time you are having with this mischievous, unorthodox and out of this world girl will be lost forever if you don’t protect her.

It’s a pity that I fell in love with a girl like that sometime back and i felt compelled to write this down. It’s not going to happen; it’s too good to be true… yep! But one thing that the whole world can’t deny is that at some point in our lives, even for one moment we were in love with them, truly and eternally. We are like sky and earth but still we love them, we love their ways and all those tiny tit bit things they do. We love their smile, their openness, the life they are giving.

We are ultimately on a road where there’s no end because she’s now somebody else’s. But still we can’t get out of this feeling. May be its just obsession or may be its another aspect of real true love, because it’s a one party love or we are just a bunch of losers who don’t have nothing to do except for thinking about someone else’s girl.

Hmmmmmm. I can’t see the end of this so I have to end this post before it gets too reflective and boring. But one thing I’m sure is that I am grateful to this life or for that matter any creator of mankind, (if someone like that exists) because even in some point in our lives we were in love. It’ll be most probably the first and the last time that I might fall in love like this in my life because I FELL IN LOVE WITH A PSYCHO CHICK!!!


  1. Woooowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

    It's nice to know some people do admit that they really loved someone even if she was an utter mess (as others see her). It is touching becoz she is not bitched about but remembered in a dearest way for what she is...

    I'm one of those 'nut' girls who people think of as being a little 'kokoo' but I don't care.. coz I totally understand that I got no one to impress.. :D

    But good post.. nice to know you exist..


  2. lol i know the feeling dude. important thing is you enjoyed it while it lasted and are okay with it now.. cant help thinkin bout that psycho chick now and then though. one things for sure, that guy she's with will probably never see her like you do! cheers

  3. oh man i sooo can relate man...

  4. This has happened to so many people I know including myself (more than once, I never learn!) but you are doing the right thing - use the pain and the experience, do something with it. One day you will realize that all this was must a passing phase.

  5. wow! so much of psycho chick romances!
    pissu hadenawa! what a psycho nation!

  6. hmmm dude awesome post..never thought you would come out with this...Respect!\m/!

  7. Ah the Psycho chicks... they is everywhere! I've known quite a few myself.

    Yeah been there one bro. Needless to say it was a disaster. Never again I say, Never Again!

  8. Nice stuff DrG... welcome to my world .. . HUGS

  9. respect bro...been there and got to say that seeing someone for what they are and loving them for it is as true as love ever gets!

  10. psycho chick Defintion :

    The Jekyll and Hyde female in her twenties.

    Having left childhood behind, these chicks now battle through their twenties. Here they are buffeted between the pressures of work, drinking, boy-friend merry-go-rounds, monthly hormone attacks and the belief that their clocks are ticking.

    Believe me, one day these chicks are heaven sent babes, then on the turn of a penny, the next day they are knife wielding harridans who relentlessly chant the mantra "All men are bastards ... why can't I find a boyfriend ... I'll never have babies ... I don't need a man etc."

    Avoid them while in this evolving stage. Good news is they normally get their shit together sooner or later and the story does very often end happily.

    Source: Urban Dictionary, [2008-11-02][]

  11. oki... looking at some recent events... i think i'm a psycho guy... damn... and i almost fell 4 a psycho chick... almost...

  12. I admire you. Rightly done.

  13. Mmm.. I don't exactly understand who a psycho chic... and had been wondering too... but i had been told that i am a psycho chick... so there, i guess only psycho chicks or psycho guys who really love without a care in the world... without thinking of the outcomes ... guess only them have the real love in this world ... which sane people are incapable of
    admire your post... great !

  14. Came across your post since I was searching for people who have experience falling in love with a psycho... for my case, I fell madly in love with a psycho guy who caused great disaster to my life both socially and mentally.

    I don't think I can fall for anyone else as much as him... and it was SO hard to get out of the relationship even though ten million things seemed too odd. The mental torture was killing me but the strong in-love and can give up everything for him feeling was too strong too.

    One thing I finally realise... a healthy relationship bring the best of you and you will have a chance to have a flourishing life. Falling in love with a psycho you never know how low your life can get one day especially when he/she can be so captivating and make you lose all perspectives...

    Miss him dearly... yet need to be able to live...

  15. Wholla! Link to the past,and bridge to the future! History does repeat itself...nothing changes and yet everything is completely different!

  16. I did too, and that was -for worse- my first real love and my first real girlfriend. She was really nuts and loved to cut herself and do pretty mind-blowing stuff that I should not even mention here...
    But believe me, man, I know what you mean.

  17. haha great piece! 6 years of my life with crazy well more to come(we have a son/ but seperated)....turned me crazy but all worth because I will get better!

    I beleive in this quote, ex says she doesn't, shes just lieing to herself.
    Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
    Now don't get me wrong in your darkest hour you will not believe this but once you awaken and start to heal, perceptions change.

  18. Psycho chicks w daddy issues? Come my way!!!