Monday, July 14, 2008

Creepy, Creepy, Creepy

That's the only way I can describe the events of earlier today. Let me start from the top.

So there I was, riding the bus in to work like I do 5 days a week, nothing out of the ordinary. I'm standing and a seat clears up... a woman hastily scrambles out of her seat, and I quickly take her place.

Ok... so far nothing odd. But wait... what's that? The guy next to me I notice is scratching his balls? 'Alright fine... whatever buddy' I'm thinking. So there I am... just looking out the window at the passing scenery, not a worry in the world. About a minute later I notice the guy is still scratching and I'm like 'WTF?'.

'Ok... this is kinda weird.' I'm still thinking. Oh boy... and then came the bomb! Another glance revealed that this dude was doing anything but scratching and soon reality came crashing down. I'm sure most of you can figure out what this guy was doing... and if you're still at a loss... let's just say his post office was open, he was checking his gear, or polishing his doorKNOB and it ain't no accident!

So there I was... sitting next to this weirdo. Lord knows what he was looking at... and I pray it had nothing to do with me. Anyway I'm thinking... should I just say something aloud and expose this dude... kick this guy out of his seat? But you see I had just coincidentally watched the movie Superbad the day before and thoughts of one of the main characters in that movie's embarrassing male organ drawing obsession came to mind.

So he's doing no harm to me and I'm waiting for this dude to leave, or finish his 'business'... but NO... the bastard just goes on and on like the energizer bunny (no he wasn't doing it full on if ya know what I mean), occasionally covering up his shit with his bag in a lame attempt at concealment.

I didn't make any judgments. This guy was probably (ya don't say!) out of his mind, whacked or something similar. I have to say I was pretty damn grateful when the dude finally got off (the bus!) It was with some incredulation that I watched this guy walk away on the street like some normal person. Looking at him you would never think...

Yes... yet another exciting discovery by Foxhound. I've run in to the 'Paranormal' before... and sadly I'm sure it won't be the last time either.


  1. hahah..dude..gross, hav run into those incidents i must confess, but never a thing like that!! haha...dude so it was only u who noticed it???
    well u ve heard this incident on American Airlines flight rite--

  2. People are becoming more freaky day by day

  3. OMG!!!!
    I'm utterly and absolutely flabbergasted!!!!

  4. that is yucky!! why in public places???
    if I was sitting next to him, I would've just moved away!!
    you sure you weren't turning him on?? :P

  5. lol i saw this rusty looking dude sitting in Coffee Stop doing the same (he was out in the open!) plus he was sitting with two gorgeous models i kid you not. he moved off after a while. i think i witnesses a 'deal' goin down dr. but it made me realize.. you do get all sorts.

  6. tipical sri lankan attitude! they say no to ads with models in "half" naked dresses(as they think), talks against them 24/7 in all the tv programmes and speaks for banning films with sexual scenes and then the same people go out and do these sort of things.what a two faced society we are living in?

  7. dude i dnt fink that incident has got anything to do other than Foxhounds charming face..:D lolz

  8. @ Skull G: No some other people also noticed and said nothing. And yes my facing is charming.

    @ Lady Divine: I was thinking of moving away but I didn't really want to brush past him as I had the window seat.

  9. creepy alrit....wonder if it had nythin to do with foxhound....hikhik

  10. foxhound u must have been turning him on.. btw good call on not brushing past him,, that might have pretty serious and gross implications!!!

    i don't think u can really say that this is typical of Sri Lankans.. average ppl like u or me don't wank off on the public transport and i don't think the same ppl that advocate conservative dress codes (not that i am for it) go out and have their 'happy time' on buses.