Monday, October 10, 2011

Tribute to the Gods 2011 held at Clancys

We managed to cover some of the awesome performances by Karmic Salphur, Hollow, Fallen Grace and Tantrum at the recently held Tribute to the Gods gig. This gig organized annually brings some of the best known Sri Lankan metal bands who get together to put up an awesome covers night honoring  their Metal Gods!

Below is a video playlist we have put together with 12 awesome covers done by all these four bands, and all of these are pretty damn good, its hard to hand pick any but i have also embedded some kick ass songs played at the event below as well  :D Enjoy!!!

Video Playlist " Tribute to the Gods 2011"

Karmic Salphur covering Rage Against the Machine's Freedom

Hollow doing a kick ass cover of Pantera's Domination

Fallen Grace paying Tribute to British Death Metal outfit Bolt Thrower with Killchain

The last fcking song Tantrum tearing up the venue with Lamb of God's Black Label

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Cingalese" women

I'm so totally duplicating this from my blog, but thought I'd share it here because it is A VERY interesting article I came across and I think more people should read it.. :)

Hugh Boyd who came as an envoy to the Kandyan Court in 1782 writes,

The Cingalese women exhibit a striking contrast to those of all other Oriental Nations in some of the most prominent and distinctive features of their character. Instead of that lazy apathy, insipid modesty and sour austerity, which have characterized the sex throughout the Asiatick world, in every period of its history, in this island they possess that active sensibility, winning bashfulness and amicable ease, for which the women of modern Europe are peculiarly famed. The Cingalese women are not merely the slaves and mistresses, but in many respects the companions and friends of their husbands; for though the men be authorized by law to hold their daughters in tyrannical subjection, yet their sociable and placable dispositions, soften the rigor of their domestic policy. And polygamy being unknown and divorce permitted among the Cingalese, the men have none of that constitutional jealousy, which has given birth to the voluptuous and unmanly despotism that is practiced over the weaker sex in the most enlightened nations, and sanctioned by the various religions of Asia. The Cingalese neither keep their women in confinement nor impose on them any humiliating restraints.

More on the article The Position of Women in Buddhism here

Taking the Colombo-Badulla Express

Colombo-Badulla express train indeed offers some breathtaking views of the Sri Lankan Hill Country. The colors, the weather and the whole ambiance just takes you to a whole different world and leaves lasting memories in your mind. If you are up for a long but a rewarding train ride, I highly suggest you take the Colombo-Badulla train from Fort Station. There is a train leaving at around 5.15am everyday (Podi Manike) and will offer you the best views since the train will be travelling during day time. If you can reserve the Observation Deck beforehand I am sure you will be in for an awesome treat (I am yet to try this out). The footage here are just glimpses of what you can enjoy captured while we took the train from Pattipola to Badulla....

Also note you may need to reserve the tickets at least a week beforehand because these tend to get sold out pretty early. I heard that Dialog users can now book this train using thier mobile, so things just got much better!!