Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Downward Spiral

Tap Tap Tap
I'm sitting at my desk
A never ending stream
Where am I heading?

Tap Tap Tap
Push onward and onward
More and more...
I've Lost My Soul

Tap Tap Tap
What the hell's it all for?
Oh God...
Will this ever end?

Tap Tap Tap...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Suraaangani, Suraaaangani, Suranganiita Maalu Genaawaaaa! Way to go machaan! Way to go!

It’s been nearly 5 months since I made my last post in MW. Welcome, social and all the other events of the campus have just finished and finally I got some time to mingle around my PC for a longer writing episode such as THIS BRIEF POST and not to forget next it’s going to be the exam-kickoff which is going till April 23rd. oh! What a life… anyways let’s start the show.
After hearing the remix of this famous retro Bila hit, it has struck me in a different chord which compels me to write this note. It’s not just a remix of and old song which has done to cater mass market or to get some publicity. If it has … still it got a deeper meaning in the arrangement of the newer version which is put down by the contributing artists unconsciously.
The song is the mirror of what we should be as a united country in the future years to come. Because we need a fresh start, we are exhausted and tired by the 30+ years of war and now we need to look at how we are going to start the new chapter without making the same mistake our past generations made 20 years ago.
The song has trilingual touch in it and it can be accessed by everybody. Sinhalese listen to it because the melody is in their blood. Tamils too can enjoy it because the newer version’s beat is pretty much familiar Kollywood dancetrack beat frequent in the Tamil movies. It is such a catchy little tune which does much more than just entertaining, it provides the platform for both our races to enjoy ourselves without trespassing other one’s freedom. I personally feel that this is the starting point of the social cohesion among next generation of Sri Lanka.
We need a new way, a new way of expressing ourselves and getting to know others. We have to find a method, a modern one to understand other communities. So I think we have found that in music. Just need more contributions from the new generation of artists to strengthen and to wipe out stains of blood which ruined our nation’s image and the past.
Way to go machaan way to go! If we are on this track you can do much more than Delon’s false patriotism and M.I.A.’s verbal freedom fighting.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The State of Affairs

Well....just sat down to write a post on our beloved project Mathwaada, it was really hard to choose between a neatly rolled time freeze and an aching butt freeze with the pain of typing, but continuous contemplation and postponements really compelled me to choose the latter. It has been a while since I last posted. Tried to stay in touch through the blog updates on the blogger dashboard, but that also started to slip away given the tremendous amount of laziness which came really close to winning even today.

Well, apart from Foxhounds continuous sprouting of Posts it seems that all our contributors have completely gone M.I.A. It’s actually been sometime since I’ve even seen those buggers. Guess their online guises don’t really help them out much in real life and its problems…, though real life and its problems are the main source of inspiration which compels many of us to write.

If you just take a look at our archives you can see the steady decline of posts, but it really thrilled me when I saw the comments on our last post, and it really got me thinking and made me realize that there are still people who come in and have a look around even though sometimes we have left the blog completely idle and without any new posts.

I guess its time for us to come up with a new look or something; I don’t know have to set up a small reunion I guess….Thats the stage we are going through these days…Ok now…where’s that Rizla…?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Double Life

Sometimes people can just outright surprise you. Appearing always as one particular way, giving off an impression that is readily accepted by everyone. But as in many cases, appearances can be deceiving.

So it was a fair shock when I recently stumbled across someone in a place that they shouldn't have been in, and neither should I for that matter? This person appears mild mannered at all times, completely respectable and for all appearances... boring.

Catching this person indulging in a smoke in a extremely relaxed manner completely destroyed my perception of this individual. Even though the secret is out, this individual carries on in the usual manner, and it is only after dark that they bring out that other side. Who knows what he's really capable of or what he does in his spare time. Hell he might even be reading this...

Though I must really take off my hat in salute to the complete flawless image that was broadcasted. Absolutely superb.

My question is... if the mild mannered and supposedly timid etc etc guy is secretly indulging in a smoke... then what is everyone else really doing in their spare time?