Monday, August 25, 2008

Real Women? What Rubbish

I recently came across this article on the webportal of the daily mirror newspaper, though i guess it would be more appropriate to call it a press release or an advertorial...

Anyways it gives one the impression that women are told what to wear by society etc. I wonder who exactly formulates these so called boundaries or standards of society. Minoli and Shyamalee both of them being editors of hip and trendy magazines are am sure quite influential in formulating these so called 'norms of society' as far as they concern woman's attire..

I mean lets be honest, Hi!! Magazine is not going put a shabbily dressed woman with no makeup etc. on it front cover right? Neither is Adoh (if it could be called a magazine, it's nothing more than a worthless tabloid made up of stuff downloaded off the internet!)

And the worst... Anithra- now that's a first.. an ex-fashion model telling us that women are bound by the shackles of society when it comes to dress!!
Reality Check: whatever shackles there maybe you had a hand in creating them!

As far as am concerned, this whole Real Women balderash is nothing more than a marketing gimmick aimed at those middle aged women who want to be told that they are at the cutting edge of fashion...

From a purely business perspective I really think that Cotton Collection has got it wrong.. firstly if you are an upmarket clothing store you really don't want to tell your customers that it's ok to dress down or as they say to be a real woman.

Secondly, they are alienating a whole market segment.. the young, with the whole 'real" thing.. the young want to be glamorous and trendy.. reality can wait!

Thirdly, i find it quite offensive to be told that these three well to do women are 'real' women. Frankly speaking 'real' women in this country do not attend hosh posh cocktails or shop at CC.

But just in case anyone wants to try out this whole 'Real Woman" thing I suggest you sign up our Golden Girl Sussie as the brand ambassador. Now thats a real woman for u!


  1. well i dunno anything about that article or who wrote it, but i can't exactly agree with wat u say. coz i truly feel that women, young and old, are very influenced by the fashions and "so call standards" of socitey. i wont comment on the making of these standards, but they have A HUGE impact on REAL women. im talking of the women who dont have 36,24,36 measurements and who dont have gleaming hair and fair skin. it's highly wrong for any one to judge the beauty of another, true, but this is reality.
    believe me, only a gal will truly know how this feels, a gal who's not that outwardly attractive i mean.
    i think cotton collection is giving out a good message(it is highly markettable too) because any unattractive gal (fat, dark, too thin, etc etc)would like society to see and judge women in how they are underneath their skin.
    so i think i would personally support any body who publicizes the REAL WOMEN concept.
    no offences to models, they should be where they are, doing wat they do. but all of us are HUMAN after all, and many things influence our thinking and perceptions.

  2. I've got to disagree with you too... women in reality are hugely affected by these so called norms.

    Women are by nature designed to be store fat and not be perfectly thin. Even though we're all bombarded by Hollywood and other similar media that acceptable norm is completely fat free, most of the women in the world aren't like this at all.

    It's almost kinda like how in the past being white was the way to be even though the majority of the World was not white.

    It's kinda the same with guys and how the way to be is a muscle built bastard with a six pack! Sure I wouldn't mind being like that... after all everybody in them Hollywood movies is!

    Let's face it, getting figures like that will involve somewhat of a starvation campaign or so much time that you can exercise to become completely thin, which lets face it, most people do not have.

    In a nutshell... they market being normal as completely thin, whereas normal in reality is being a little on the fat side.

    I could well write another post about this... but I'll sum up by saying that I am well in my BMI range, but by Hollywood standards I'm a FAT BASTARD! For women the situation is far worse, because women are typically classified as being beautiful, and thin etc... if they are not, it just... 'ewwww'.

  3. "Ewwwww"?... Uhuh...
    Well, about the whole weight issue... I think the idea of being healthy kinda went askew somewhere in time...
    Waaaaaaay back anorexic girls weren't thought of as attractive...quite the contrary, actually...
    And then the thin-is-healthy concept came about, and well... people kinda got carried away with that concept...

  4. hmmm.. interesting no offence to anyone that not 'outwardly attractive".. buit my poijnt is that these three so called real women are exactly the kind of ppl that put 36-24-36 women on their magazines, strut down the runway in things that are insanely too small for the 'real' real woman...

    in any case i personally don't have a problem with curvy women, they are considered in vogue today.. take giselle bundchen and the whole hrode from brazil as examples..

    but the point is are these so called CC collection women real?

  5. Hmmm... it seems it is I who has missed the point this time!

    I agree with you on this one. However people who were formerly of something may be just the best people to denounce something.

    Like say if the strongest supporter of Apartheid had a change of heart and said it was wrong, then they might be the best people to be against it.

    Of course in this case it's more than likely some people are sniffing for cash.

    It's funny though, cos when I saw those ads that are on the article in real life, I thought it's message was the opposite of the article.

  6. Wow. This is the first time I've EVER heard a guy speak up about something like this. Very nice.