Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bringing sexy back?

As far as the present Sri Lankan, political climate is concerned the man grabbing all the headlines seems to be Karuna Amman or to be 'politically correct' Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan. Whoever thought, that one would have to be politically correct about a former terrorist leader?

Obviously there is no dissent on Karuna's arrival in parliament, however how he got there is a matter of contention among the SLFP and the JVP. Not to be left behind, the opportunist UNP as always throws in a conspiracy theory for good measure. As far as the opportunism of the UNP goes, Ranil Wickeremasinghe could give Dan Brown a good run for his money if he were publish a book of his so-called government conspiracies. That, however should be the subject of another post altogether.

Upon arrival, there was something startling about Karuna, he seemed a cut above the average Sri Lankan politician. Dressed in a suave business suit, flawless, not a hair out of place, immaculate style. Years of fighting in the jungles of the East does not seem to have impeded Karuna's sense of fashion. Honestly he would not have looked out of place in a Wall Street boardroom.

There is always something alluring about men in combat ( I say this as a heterosexual guy, commenting with detachment). Che Guevara was well known for his sex appeal, despite being a hardened fighter, he symbolizes the free spirit, the mystery, the ruggedness that was once held in great esteem among men. Same goes for Prachanda ( the nepali Maoist leader), even Wijeweera can stake a claim.

But the spotlight is on Karuna as far as SL is concerned, he is conspicuous because of the absence of a pot belly. Mysterious because beneath the soft spoken voice and the gentle mannerisms lie a hardened warrior.

Has Karuna brought sexy back? (into Sri Lankan politics, of course one could argue that sexy was never there to begin with) Politics aside, one has to agree that Karuna is definitely a breath of fresh air into the drab and dirty world of Sri Lankan politicians.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Double Distilled, Check points and the Freaking LTTE!!

OK, Driving under the influence is bad or rather illegal… D.U.I on a night when the whole city is on lock down, with freaking cops all around cause of a damn Tiger attack!! Now aint that sh*t!! But what to do? Have to go home, and have to go to work tomorrow also..!!

So, From Dehiwala to Town Hall, and back down the High-level road! Passing check points, holding breath... down the ghostly roads we went while the whole city was gulped in utter darkness…

All was shape it seemed, danger is gone. Passed Nugegoda… Yippie!!...

But wait!!..! Is that a mobile check point up ahead?? Dammit! Better go behind that white car...

Ahh it worked!! They are being stopped!!! Time to hit the gas…!! Going through like the wind…


Oh nooo….did I hear a sharp whistle blowing from behind??!!!

Adoooo Nawathapaaaaaang!! Screamed my friend in the back!! He was drunk but wasn’t passed out like the one in front!!

Hmm..guess we are screwed now, not only did we pissed the buggers off, but we are getting caught red handed…. What to do.. I thought… Getting out with my N.I.C...

Here come the running soldiers…

“Mahathayala Koheda Yanne?” Asked an inquisitive sergeant, while another soldier with a smirk on his face, flashed a torch down the face of my passed out friend...

“Gedara Yanawa officer...” stumbled my weary mouth, keeping a safe distance to avoid the inevitable liquor mixed tobacco smell...

“Ai nawaththuwe naththay?? He inquired, explaining that if we had gone a bit more we would be counting bullet holes not only in the car but all over our bodies as well. I wanted to reply back saying that we never saw a stop sign, but no point in arguing...

I asked about the attack. He explained that there has been an attack in Colombo; all vehicles coming out are being checked it seems... Can’t blame them, they are just doing their duty…

Hmm guess we are clear it seems, he just checked my ID and told us that we can go…Luckily the only available Kossa was checking out another vehicle that had been stopped before us…So no D.U.I charges in prospect...

Got home safe…but yet to know about the attack fully!! Freakin LTTE!! sigh*

Gotta go and sleep, quite tired...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Falling in love with a Psycho Chick...

“Umbata nikan hithen nadda arakita tikak pissu kiyala ha?”

They talk… talk until the whole world ends with a big bang. They are hyperactive and so alive that sometimes you feel that there’s nothing to be so in this cold boring world. They smile from their whole heart and astonish you every time with their unusual perky ways. Sometimes you want to slap them in the face and say get off this life and be like any other ordinary girl. But sometimes you want kiss them in public and hug them tightly because you are afraid that the time you are having with this mischievous, unorthodox and out of this world girl will be lost forever if you don’t protect her.

It’s a pity that I fell in love with a girl like that sometime back and i felt compelled to write this down. It’s not going to happen; it’s too good to be true… yep! But one thing that the whole world can’t deny is that at some point in our lives, even for one moment we were in love with them, truly and eternally. We are like sky and earth but still we love them, we love their ways and all those tiny tit bit things they do. We love their smile, their openness, the life they are giving.

We are ultimately on a road where there’s no end because she’s now somebody else’s. But still we can’t get out of this feeling. May be its just obsession or may be its another aspect of real true love, because it’s a one party love or we are just a bunch of losers who don’t have nothing to do except for thinking about someone else’s girl.

Hmmmmmm. I can’t see the end of this so I have to end this post before it gets too reflective and boring. But one thing I’m sure is that I am grateful to this life or for that matter any creator of mankind, (if someone like that exists) because even in some point in our lives we were in love. It’ll be most probably the first and the last time that I might fall in love like this in my life because I FELL IN LOVE WITH A PSYCHO CHICK!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If I blew up in an explosion

I was just walking back home the other day, passing by the several army soldiers who do random checks of people when I eventually came across a train of thought. So like many times before I encountered a person being checked.

So I thought ‘hmm… if this guy has a bomb, and it blows up, it’s going to really suck.’ As I got closer and closer a different angle occurred to me. ‘If I was carrying the bomb, then I would know for sure that this guy didn’t have it on him, and then I wouldn’t have to worry about such things’.

Awesome so far? Getting even closer now, it suddenly occurs to me that even if I had the bomb, it wouldn’t be of much comfort because at some point in the future I would be dying. So not much benefit there…

But then again it occurred to me that there would be a difference then. What is the difference? Well referring to the recent movie, Dark Knight, the Joker makes a statement along the lines that if he were to announce in advance that a bus load of soldiers was going to die in an explosion, and the next day it happened, no one would panic. “It’s all part of the plan” he says. ‘But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds! ’.

How does this relate? Well quite simply if I was carrying the bomb, then I would know exactly at what instant it would go off, and I would brace myself for the impending explosion. It would be part of the plan. But if I was just strolling along the street and suddenly BOOM, well I might get scared shitless.

So what is it about knowing something is going to happen that takes the edge off it? The same event, but knowledge of it in advance somehow softens its impact. Maybe it’s because if we know, we feel like we’re in control. The unexpected and the unknown doesn’t seem very controllable does it?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Does India Really care about Sri Lanka Cnt..

This post is actually a follow up to my previous post on this matter, which was was published couple of months back. The events which unfolded in the past few days really brought the matter back into lime light. The threat of Karuna Nidi and rest of the Tamil Nadu MPs seemed have gotten the Indian central government into a political nightmare.

I don’t want to get down into the details of why or should Tamil Nadu be acting this way, but I would rather look at the matter on my personal perception with regards to the pressure on the two governments. The way I see it the two governments have met up with a deadlock. I don’t know how the things will be sorted out. But if the Indian Government doesn’t put any tangible pressure for a cease fire in the coming days they will be up for some serious political turmoil. As Karuna Nidi and the rest of the tamil MPs have said on last 14th , If the Indian Government is unable to get the GOSL into a cease fire agreement within 15 days they would quit the parliament unbalancing the Congress coalition.

On the other hand the only thing that keeps Mahinda’s government alive is their continuous victories over the battle front. So the last thing they want is to abort the military operations. With the current phase of victories the public opinion seems to favor the government despite the failing economy and living conditions. Also if he bows down to the Indian pressure the public will drastically loose faith in him and he would ultimately loose all his credibility. So it would be quite interesting to see what will happen in the coming days…

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Janaka Perera- fact,fiction and the consequences

No sooner was Retd. Major General Janak Perera killed in a barbaric suicide attack, the usual political finger pointing began. The speed at which these events unfolded was surprising and perhaps even beats SkullZero's PE.

Anyhow, the facts point to the LTTE, and perhaps more than 90 percent of the country agrees on this. However the opposition was quick to start throwing around conspiracy theories which ranged wildly from Pillayan to Dr. Johnpulle's Supreme COurt case. Knowing the Sri Lankan political climate, which is dirtier than Bawa's wildest fantasies, that mostly include latex and whipping, it was not surprising. Not to be outdone the government also came out with their theories most of which focused on Ranil's inability to condemn the LTTE and Janaka's purported attempt to contest the presidential election. .

What the government, the opposition and the public by and large has failed to grasp is that the final beneficiary of this is the LTTE.

Yes, Rajapakse Bros & Co. should shoulder most of the responsibility of the incident as they failed to provide adequate security. Janaka was a sitting duck to the LTTE.

What the government should have realized a lot sooner and what the LTTE had realized was the symbolism of the death. Janaka Perera was a decorated war hero credited with quelling the JVP uprising and later beating the LTTE to pulp in Weli-Oya. He later decided to enter politics from the opposition, presto! All of his privileges and security were withdrawn, he was not even allowed to set foot in an army camp ( unprecedented for an ex Major General of his stature).

Final outcome: 1.The message the public gets is that the war is highly politicized, which results in the reversal of public opinion on the war. Which was previously heralded as a genuine humanitarian mission.

2.Heavy demoralization of the troops due to seeing one of their most decorated generals slain by the fault of the government and the defense secretary.

The government should have realized the implications of a possible Janaka Perera slaying and acted accordingly without playing immature political games and trying to intimidate their opponents.

The heavy price this government and more importantly the public will have to pay for this high level debacle will only truly be understood in the coming months.

I am who I am or am I who you think I am?

There's that old age saying that goes something along the lines of "You should do what makes you happy, regardless of what others think." A great saying in some ways, but like many sayings, in reality it doesn't quite work out that way.

Recent and even some old thinking of my came to the conclusion that you should do whatever you want (provided it doesn't harm anyone else) and what other people think shouldn't matter. To a great deal this makes a lot of sense, especially when it comes to things where the opinion of others doesn't really affect you unless you let it.

However it did occur to me that we live in a world of images. Every individual is broadcasting something about himself or herself to those around them. Whether its 'Hello... I am a successful and happy person', 'Hi, let's be friends' or 'I don't give a crap about anything'. Either way these are just on the surface and the truth is the real person is always hiding somewhere beneath that.

Ok so assuming you broadcast an 'I don't care attitude' and then go on to do whatever you like, things may go pretty well up until a point. You see the problem lies in the fact that other's perception of you affects the way they see and treat you. If even though you do something that is legitimate, but misunderstood by others, then their going to give you a lot of crap about it.

It's from therein that truly what other people think does matter, but only in certain situations. But really most of us waste too much time on what other people think, especially where it doesn't even really matter. I suppose it has to do with some bonding rituals with our peers that makes us seek out acceptance and conform. In someways no one really has that much integrity, and those who do would be deemed 'weirdo's'.

Some might say that not conforming is just being a rebel and causing trouble, but really is conforming the solution? Shouldn't we just accept people as they are instead of melding them to our own point of view so that we can get along? It's this very reason we get all these ideological and racial conflicts even today. Human beings are supposedly so evolved, but it really seems like we've only improved the superficial element.

The Soul is Dyed the Color of Its Thoughts: Think Only of Those Things That Can Bear The Full Light of Day
The Content of Your Character is Your Choice
Day by Day, What You Choose, What You Think and What You Do Is Who You Become
Your Integrity Is Your Destiny... It Is The Light That Guides Your Way


(From the picture at the top)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Delon diss M.I.A.; The TRUTH and the TALE…

Artist should stand up against the discrimination, injustice and they should communicate certain prevailing issues to the society they behave in and as I think that is a main social responsibility of any artist in any country. but in this case things are happening vice -versa.
Delon says he’s standing up against the discrimination which induced by the L.T.T.E. where as M.I.A. is a hardcore supporter of this terrorist group and says they are “FREEDOM FIGHTERS” because her farther used to be a L.T.T.E. supporter who fled from the country in 1980s. But in this case both doesn’t have the right to express such an “affection” (I don’t know may be) for their respective people or nationality or whatever because now both of them are living outside the country and both are having the freedom and becoming successful doing what they like to do; the music. I don’t think that somebody who’s outside from the country can feel the exact pain of the people who are living in Sri Lankan border villages or the pain of the refugees and displaced or the fear of the ordinary people who are traveling to or in Colombo by public transport such as buses and trains. Can they feel what we feel or are they using it for their cheap publicity gimmick.
If they are caring artist who truly think about their country, then they should put down all those cheap narrow mindsets and use their music to communicate the real issue and bring all Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims and make them understand each other to enhance the ethnic harmony in this war toned country.
But now what is happening is that all so called patriotic assholes( both Sinhalese and Tamils) viciously glamorize this incident and turned this to a big controversy and they are putting more and more hay (or may be petrol or diesel I suppose, because crude oil is cheap in the world market) to the burning fire.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, this Friday night my friend and I were confined to office walls, trapped due to a tremendous amount of work that kept late at night in the office and depriving us of all other extra curricular activities. The more we waited the more we wanted to escape into oblivion with few good drinks and smokes. So after a whole tired night we wondered off into the night only to find out that it was the non-alcoholic day. The bars were deserted; doors clamped shut, with multiple padlocks, chained shut cold and dark…

We, like two hopeless mice wondered off into the dark city night with two smokes lit up wondering what to do next. You see Fridays on you're meant to get wasted, and there’s a good reason why I don’t bring the vehicle as DUI takes a heavy tall on a wasted mind and post drunk activities. Concentration, cops! Directions, dropping people off…all are liabilities associated with being the guy with the car! This is not what you want to be if you are planning to get wasted.

So been the regular club freaks, but looking at the state we were in, we had to look towards our last resort, Friday Night Clubbing! So, called up Ninja, the thin skinny bastard who made it his habit to sleep on Zanziba’s couches.

'Machan where are you?'

'Well, machan Im at Awissawella..'

'Awissawella Wtf!? Whaat are you doin there..'

'Well machn we are at Thilan’s quarters, everyone’s there'...(singing and all the other drunken anecdotes can be heard in the background)

'OOok f*ckers went alone neh?? Damn u!!'

Ok so Thilan, the tobacco guy. Being in his own quarters…it was only a matter of time that we were going to crash his place one day, but not so soon and not this sudden. Ok so how the hell are we gonna get to Awissawella and was it worth it? And we learnt that the goods are draining fast due to heavy consumption and if we are to join we would have to bring at least two more bottles. But what the hell can we do? Its almost 11.00pm, no way of transport, stuck in a freaking desert city and worst of all!! We are still sober!! This is was no way to be spending Friday Night!

It was time for some desperate contingency plans; a few puffs engulfed our lungs, laid off a few particles of carbon and nicotine and breezed out giving a few ideas. There are a few places where you can get the goodies if you know where to look. So called up Kelum, the person to contact if you are in dire situations like this..

Machan raa bottle ekak ganna thanak danna wada??

Whaa..mona *&*&@*&@#oi!!..ok wait…theres a Boralasgamuwa junction

OK to the trishaw we went. Boralasgamuwa Junction. Few lights, the place…CLOSED. Chained shut! Damn!! Nooooo..this can’t be happening! But its its! This is a place I know, and most of all it was a place that Kelum knew…what to do…that hope is also gone. But wait! There’s one option the trishaw guy….!

Ahh malli kalin kiyanna thibunane! Gods were smiling upon at us!(or not!)

So there we went! Well, if you are roaming around Nugegoda you might know the place( it’s a normal bar restaurant close to the junction. Went to the place…cried the owner’s name…got two bottles for like 800 each (deffa worth the price!) And there we were….with two Black Labels in our bags waiting for a bus to Awissawella….Had a memorable journey in the packed, steaming bus which flew to the destination in exactly an hour.

After a mobile call while waiting near the Awissawella Restaurant we were picked up by our friends ensuring that NOBODY WILL BE SOBER TODAY!