Friday, December 31, 2010

Everything Can Change on a New Years Day...

So the year 2010 has come to an end, tomorrow would be the dawn of a new year and for those who believe in the Mayan calendar and that movie, we are just two years away from being  wiped out and the whole mandkind coming  to a stand still....  So as we all grow old, and step into a new mundane year called 2011, i would like to leave you all with a great song from Rage Agaisnt the Machine..a band that had inspired me all my life, and continue to do so keeping me sane across the insanity and clutter....

Its a song called War within a Breath, and though Rage Against the Machine is so much politically motivated and aggressive in their lyrics, one thing I continue to respect has been their attitude which had given me hope and courage to wade through... so as we say goodbye to another year and step into a new one, Wishing you all the every best in your future endeavors we leave you with these inspiring words from Zack de la Roacha....

Everything can change on a new years day..
Everything can change on a new years day ..
Everything can change on a new years day..
And everything changed on a new years day... 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Da Bass Factor - Elethnography ( Download the album for Free)

So the year is coming to an end and we at Mathawaada thought of gifting our readers something special, :D.

Well..its just that you can now download the debut album from Da Bass Factor for free on rapidshare or mediafire. The album Elethnography is a composition of 5 ambient/electronica songs we have done in the last few years. Most of the songs were available on myspace and reverbnation for along time for online streaming, but we thought of releasing the full album for downloading since we are planning to come up with few more singles. :D

You could listen to some of the songs from Reverbnation Music Player on the sidebar on the right hand side.

If you would like to donwload just some of our singles you could visit our reverbnation profile and check out some of the released singles for free downloads. You could also check us out on Myspace, and support us on Reverbnation.

Enjoy and also please feel free to forward any comments!!!

- Da Bass Factor