Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Handling the Temptation

Temptation is a very common emotion that all people big, small, male, female, saint, sinner go through. The very sound of the word brings a sense of intense desire. If simply defined, temptation is the feeling of a non-reasonable desire or craving to do something.

This desire may be for both good and bad but it is always close to being impossible to control. We may be tempted to serve that extra helping of pudding, to smoke a cigar just to test it, to cheat an exam with the sole reason of innocent helplessness, to dance in the middle of the mall, to kiss the sexy girl at office out of plain curiosity when you’re not with your lady, etc, etc. Temptations are everywhere but not all of them are good or ethical.

In this post I will only be commenting on the temptation to cheat a lover (at any level), for this appeared to be the talk of the week among my peeps.

The temptation to be with someone other than your lover (this phrase sounds a bit better than going into details such as kissing or making love to) may have knocked on some of our doors. It may be due to the most uncalled for reasons- the “other” being a better match, the “lover” not being who he/she appeared to be initially, the “situation” being pro-temptation, it just being a harmless one night stand, a “slight crush” which you wanted to investigate, etc. I can list down a lot more yet there’s just one simple fact about this natural human weakness and that is there is no such thing as “not having a choice”. The old phrase “I had no choice” is plainly not an innocent excuse because Temptation (which ever one) always comes hand in hand with Choice. All of us make a choice when we decide to fall into or out of temptation.

It’s true that we’re all human and are full of mortal weaknesses and all that “learning from mistakes” talk, but if there’s something common to all of us, it’s freewill and the ability to think. This fact makes the “no choice” phrase highly unacceptable.

So the next time you decide to try out that tempting cigar or chocolate mousse or French kiss, just pause to choose!


  1. I so agree with u bro... infidelity is not something u couldnt help.. its a choice... basically alot of things we do are choices we make..

  2. what if we rationally choose to smoke(not to experiment) or french kiss..etc ?
    It roots up from temptation i guess..

  3. interesting and nice and so true!
    But there are times where temptation gets the best of us and we want it to much that when it's just there... just there.. you never think twice.. other than grab it..:)

    human weakness..:) at times..

  4. Well said. We always have the power of choice... One of the gifts of sentience... Unfortunately we seem to forget that.

    For example, when I knew I had to wake up early morning today instead of wallowing around in the cool morning breeze in my warm sheets.... Well you could imagine what my choice was. xD