Thursday, July 31, 2008

No respect in the bedroom!

Right... where to begin? Just about every man/boy on the planet has seen that forbidden taboo that is known as porn, or on the Internet as Pr0n. Having been an avid viewer but not as hardcore as some, I can safely say its an entertaining experience for dudes, and even for some dudettes believe it or not!

Of course while we're lead to believe that the women in these movies enjoy what they're doing, the reality is they do it for a simple reason, and that's the quick money that can be earned. Seems like a lot of people don't know this for some reason, or the fact that the movies are often done in takes like a normal movie.

Anyway besides all that stuff, lets delve in to the norm or whatnot here for a second. Let's face it, practically every guy on the planet wouldn't complain if the stuff of porn movies happened to them, actually they would more likely be saying Halleluah!

But in reality it would seem that women don't really like doing most of that stuff (probably a percentage of exceptions)... ooh what a disappointment. And women say we're sexed crazed maniacs... well news flash... we are! I'm sure that was designed in for survival of the species and stuff (*ahem ahem* yes that's what it is!)

Still though many women abroad and even here do some of that stuff. Some people I know say they do so out of a sense of 'duty', while others do it for fun, but I think it's mostly the former. Still as guys we want it right? Really? Let me think about that... yep!

So even if they don't like... would be still want them to do it? Hell yeah? We do stuff like shopping and other stuff like watching Chick flicks that (most of us) we don't like among other things. Some guys give up their freedoms (everyone actually) so isn't it only fair to make it a two way street of shit we don't really wanna do?

I once asked a good friend of mine whether she would ever do a belly dance for a guy. She said 'NO! I want to respectable!' I said 'uh huh' and was really thinking 'gosh... how boring!'. Does any guy want a woman to be respectable when it comes to you know what? I don't think so! Just cos we *might* be like animals in da bedroom, doesn't mean it's a lack of respect or something. We might respect a woman in all other areas... but when it comes to that... not really! It's not personal really. It just is....

It's not like Porn came first... guys and probably women came up with that shit before the camera was invented. Trust me... we'd figure to try it out anyway! Let's face it... we guys like da kinky shit! Even the straight laced bible thumpers!

I hope you get what I'm trying to say. Reality ain't like the romance movies... but it can be nice depending on how you view it. It's all a matter of perception.


  1. good one.. porn has come to define how the modern generation views sexual intercourse i suppose. and most of the stuff isnt half as kinky as the Karma Sutra, so if you're a traditionalist, youve still got something right up ur alley.

    as for women and how they like it? well the main reason i think that there are not many dudettes watching porn is that it is mainly a product aimed at men. therefore is mostly dedicated to depicting things that will turn on men. as for what turns a woman on, well, we better start eading up on some jackie collins/ daniel steel for that one! tedious candle lit dinners and the like. i dont know!

  2. hmmm.. i really don't see the link between the porn industry and respect fro women... i mean for example if a woman strips for her guy then thats between the two of them.. and not a matter for society to discuss

    Perhaps the greatest respect that men can offer women is not to invade their privacy (esp. in the bedroom)....
    I mean w/e kinky sex stuff u wanna try out is your business and not for rest of society to judge is it?
    Personally i do not feel that i woman should feel any less respectable just becoz they stripped/dancd for a guy etc.

    Respectability comes from how you present yourself, confience and how u handle ur self in public and not what u do in the bedroom!!!

  3. Dude bawa i think u have got all mixed up..Its not abt being a sl*t and being respectable, its not abt privacy and hw others(the public) see you, its not a comparison between the porn industry and being respectable!!;D

    I dont see any offensive opinions there so as it to be an insult to women, its just a matter of an expression of his opinion..

    Any way it all cmes down to different perceptions i guess, and i personally respect those perceptions but i think foxhound has got a point there..

  4. As Whakster put it, porn is targetted at men. Don't expect women to be turned on by something that was never designed to please them to begin with.

    Men make two main mistakes: they either assume that women simply don't want to try something in the bedroom, or they simply try something anyway, which the woman invariably doesn't enjoy.

    If you want her to try something you want to do, present it better. It can't just be "I saw this on such & such and I want to try it too'. 'Tedious' candle lit dinners aren't turn ons in themselves, it's part of presentation and foreplay. After a romantic/saucy meal that sets her pulse racing, I'm sure you can get her to try almost anything.

  5. Bawa, seems like you missed the point of the post...

    No one said anything about society coming to discuss everything. Dude everything I talked about should happen between two people (well maybe more if you're in to that kind of thing.)

    'Perhaps the greatest respect that men can offer women is not to invade their privacy (esp. in the bedroom)....'

    I have no idea what you mean by this. You talking about peeping Toms or something?

    "Personally i do not feel that i woman should feel any less respectable just becoz they stripped/dancd for a guy etc."
    Exactly what I was saying.

  6. well... anything (sexually pleasing to men)a woman may do for her guy inside or outside the bed room, will not damage her self respect and the like-come on, if its her guy, she doesn't have to feel FORCED.

    they do say that Women look for affection and guys look for satisfaction, so, those lucky women out there who know this, will know for sure that a sure signal to her guy that she loves him will be to please him sexually (as well as other stuff of course).

    It is widely known that most guys are VERY into sex and sexual pleasures and love comes afterwards and i guess women have known this since forever..the whackster's right-Kama Sutra is said to make modern porn look like elementary stuff..

    and all abt the 2 way sacrifice thing, of course, with choice comes sacrifice!!! It's all in the game of Love..

  7. @Foxhound

    My comment was not meant to diss your post bro.. please do not be so antagonistic! I was merely horrified that ur female friend had refused to bellydance due to her intention of preserving her respect... rather to the contrary i have had close female freinds who have asked me what turns guys on.. obviously to try it out on their boyfriends and it has not lowered my respect towards them even by minutely...
    it;s interesting to note that this proves my long held notion that women set their own boundaries and limitations but then turn on men and say that men want to control them etc. where as the truth is actually to the contrary.. scientific studies have shown that women are born with a sort of obsessive compulsive disorder which is what leads them to judge other women and set such standards under the guise of preserving culture/respect etc.

  8. @ horton

    U make all women sound like saints!!!

    Pls note that men are also subjected to indulging in sexual activities that they do not enjoy... but do so in order to please their partner..

    some credit where credit is due please..

  9. @ Bawa... I think you're still going off the point. It was the women who said they wanted to be respectable and not do any of that stuff.

    @ Horton: Woah... I'm totally stunned! Respect, Respect!

  10. hehe...hmm..i think Bawa mite have had some after effects from campus Ragging..lolz, Still has failed to grasp the point..:D