Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sexual Terrorism

Osama Bin Laden, the former LTTE and others can't compete with the terrorists that lurk right in our own backyards. Who am I referring to? Well to be frank those individuals who use sex and sex appeal as a weapon for their own ends. Now I might end up being classified as a misogynist but I can assure you its not the case.

What are the indicators of sexual terrorism? A woman flaunting her stuff, manipulating all those around her with false promises of you know what. The suckers just line up to get knocked over like bowling pins. Pulling off such a feat of desirability is no easy task mind you as considerable effort has to be applied to perfecting not only superficial appearances, but also behaviour.

But the men can also do the same, but they market themselves in a different way as the women aren't generally queing up to get some. What those guys offer is known only to the women and the guys in question. Though in other countries the men can also offer sex and I'm sure it happens to a much lesser degree here. One women actually said "Yes... I got to sleep with HIM! Hurray!" This is also not unusual when dealing with male celebrities.

But really it's in all likelihood far easier for a woman to be a sexual terrorist than it is for a man. Men are simple. Show off some flesh, waggle a little and we're generally in, hook, line and sinker. Many a man must have strayed for a piece of the action to only to be dashed against the rocks. The women on the other hand are a lot harder to bait unless you know what you're doing... which only a handful of guys out there do.

Well what can we do about these people seemingly offering themselves? Say no to Terrorism and don't deal with terrorists!


  1. i guess most men use money as bait :)

  2. @purpleboxers - yes I think so too.
    And I've seen and known a few women who use their sexual prowess to obtain what they want - esp. at office. These women give women a bad name :( But I've noticed that sooner or later their 'plan' backfires on them..

  3. what is your point exactly?

  4. To begin with, I would'nt call what you describe as terrorism. No one is being terrorised.

    "A woman flaunting her stuff, manipulating all those around her with false promises of you know what."

    This is very subjective. What exactly is flaunting- dressing fashionably may be thought to be flaunting by some but simply a case of looking nice by others.