Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Booze or Fag?

What’s more acceptable and tolerable? Being a heavy drinker, a heavy smoker, a bit of both or a teetotaler?

Let’s leave the saint like last option out of this post (for many reasons). Out of the other options, which one can pass as “acceptable”?

The bad effects of alcohol are many; harm to one’s health, waste of large amounts of money (in the case of addiction), unhappy households, fights, arguments and the like.

Those of smoking are somewhat alike; severe harm to one’s health (to the extent of cancer), harm to the health of those around the smoker, harm to the environment (through air pollution), waste of money, etc

I do not wish to comment on why people get used to drinking and/or smoking, or even worse, how and why they get addicted to it, knowing its ill-effects. I’m merely trying to find out if there is a slightly better option out of the two, which can pass as “acceptable” to some extent.

Smoking, to me, is fundamentally a selfish act, because you do not only harm your health but those of the innocent nicotine-inhaling victims around you. Drinking, on the other hand, may cause sick livers and unhappy households, but does not cause any “health” issues to those around the drinker.

I do not know which is more enjoyable, but I have a hunch that it’s the booze, simply because you’re actively consuming something and also because it brings people together (however negative it might be). Smoking, on the contrary, is a more individual act and gives the feeling of consuming mere “air” or “smoke”. Yet, it must have some enjoyable element in it or else CTC would not be a major donor to the cancer hospital (in both ways).

This is not my area to comment on deeply, yet it is a frequently upcoming question why people still foolishly booze (some excessively) and smoke (addictively in some cases), with all the researched and re-researched proof of rigorous health hazards, when there are other less harmful and more economic ways of enjoying themselves or showing off their perceived status.


  1. "Smoking, to me, is fundamentally a selfish act" - too true.

  2. Actually smoking is also generally a very social activity. Most people do not like to smoke alone.

    Kind of like boozing, and those two can go hand in hand really. Let's not forget the other types of smoking either!

    Non smokers do have the option of just being away when others are smoking though... ya know?

  3. Both are equally silly to me. I wonder if ppl know how extremely foolish they act when they're drunk? And how awful ppl smell when they smoke! Argh
    "Non smokers do have the option of just being away when others are smoking" ?? Erm are u proposing that 5/6 ppl should move away to let 1 person intent on getting lung cancer njoy himself? Furthermore, you smoke out into the air. And unless u run out of the bloody house how do you escape AIR?

  4. Here's a question, why accept or tolerate the two? Indulging in them in moderation is one thing but excessively... That would mean they've got a bit of an addiction problem and need help

  5. Since my response is too long to go under a comment, I have linked you to my post:


  6. well, If you'd had a hectic week... working till 10pm everyday, ur weekends jam packed with studies, classes etc. you have soooo little time on yoyr hands and life is sooo hectic, it actually feels really good to have a smoke and drink with some friends.....

    you have a good time, that's why you should do it.... if ur doing it just to look cool, or fit in... then thats whats silly really....

    I'm in defence of smokers and drinkers....

  7. Just Weed, if we have to i think :)

    by the way this website is TAGGED. and i think you'll like to respond to this one.


  8. Well, i too agree with the fact that smoking causes so many problems, but it all depends. Now with the strict laws and regulations i don't think smoking has caused so much trouble for those who don't smoke. U hardly see people smoking in public places, let alone u can hardly buy a match box from a small boutique.

    To smoke,booze or not to do all that, are at the end of the day at the hands of each individual.

    Corporates are there to make profits, governments are there to make tax revenue from their thats why weed is banned! :)

    So make your choices carefully people...

  9. RSZ - Amazing revelation,
    May the union of weed smokers come up with a new tax proposal for selling of weed..... this will definitely help to legalize this eh?? chuckle!! chuckle!!

  10. YOu kids are pathetic. Arguing about alcohol and nicotine while your peers and shooting it up as you speak. as a matter of fact, this writre up is so deranged i think horton must have been on some heavy drugs while writing it

  11. did somebody say weed?

  12. "Corporates are there to make profits, governments are there to make tax revenue from their thats why weed is banned! :)"

    you tell em skull zero!