Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bringing sexy back?

As far as the present Sri Lankan, political climate is concerned the man grabbing all the headlines seems to be Karuna Amman or to be 'politically correct' Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan. Whoever thought, that one would have to be politically correct about a former terrorist leader?

Obviously there is no dissent on Karuna's arrival in parliament, however how he got there is a matter of contention among the SLFP and the JVP. Not to be left behind, the opportunist UNP as always throws in a conspiracy theory for good measure. As far as the opportunism of the UNP goes, Ranil Wickeremasinghe could give Dan Brown a good run for his money if he were publish a book of his so-called government conspiracies. That, however should be the subject of another post altogether.

Upon arrival, there was something startling about Karuna, he seemed a cut above the average Sri Lankan politician. Dressed in a suave business suit, flawless, not a hair out of place, immaculate style. Years of fighting in the jungles of the East does not seem to have impeded Karuna's sense of fashion. Honestly he would not have looked out of place in a Wall Street boardroom.

There is always something alluring about men in combat ( I say this as a heterosexual guy, commenting with detachment). Che Guevara was well known for his sex appeal, despite being a hardened fighter, he symbolizes the free spirit, the mystery, the ruggedness that was once held in great esteem among men. Same goes for Prachanda ( the nepali Maoist leader), even Wijeweera can stake a claim.

But the spotlight is on Karuna as far as SL is concerned, he is conspicuous because of the absence of a pot belly. Mysterious because beneath the soft spoken voice and the gentle mannerisms lie a hardened warrior.

Has Karuna brought sexy back? (into Sri Lankan politics, of course one could argue that sexy was never there to begin with) Politics aside, one has to agree that Karuna is definitely a breath of fresh air into the drab and dirty world of Sri Lankan politicians.


  1. I agree! karu is definitely a cynosure.

    Karuna fans looking for an exclusive interview? look no futher here!

  2. hahaha...Karuna bringing sexy back..hmmm may, We ll see where it goes..;) What abt Pillayan eh??

  3. hey did you check him out on the front cover of the Observer Mag? effing hilarious! from foe to friend and hero of the government media.. *makes puking noises*

  4. ya guess i agree with you on how he brings a new element to SLs homogeneous arena. ur correct abt how his roots make him different jungle to Parliament. but will his ideals sway with time??