Saturday, October 18, 2008

Does India Really care about Sri Lanka Cnt..

This post is actually a follow up to my previous post on this matter, which was was published couple of months back. The events which unfolded in the past few days really brought the matter back into lime light. The threat of Karuna Nidi and rest of the Tamil Nadu MPs seemed have gotten the Indian central government into a political nightmare.

I don’t want to get down into the details of why or should Tamil Nadu be acting this way, but I would rather look at the matter on my personal perception with regards to the pressure on the two governments. The way I see it the two governments have met up with a deadlock. I don’t know how the things will be sorted out. But if the Indian Government doesn’t put any tangible pressure for a cease fire in the coming days they will be up for some serious political turmoil. As Karuna Nidi and the rest of the tamil MPs have said on last 14th , If the Indian Government is unable to get the GOSL into a cease fire agreement within 15 days they would quit the parliament unbalancing the Congress coalition.

On the other hand the only thing that keeps Mahinda’s government alive is their continuous victories over the battle front. So the last thing they want is to abort the military operations. With the current phase of victories the public opinion seems to favor the government despite the failing economy and living conditions. Also if he bows down to the Indian pressure the public will drastically loose faith in him and he would ultimately loose all his credibility. So it would be quite interesting to see what will happen in the coming days…

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  1. Now that's what you call getting stuck between a rock and a hard place...