Sunday, September 14, 2008

Poya: The Best Thing Ever

Ever heard that argument that Poya is a really bad thing? That it's ruining the economy of Sri Lanka because of all the days where the country is essentially closed?

Well that might be true in a way, but really would you want to give up your Poya holiday? I certainly wouldn't and I think that instead of this country giving up its Poya, the whole world should take a break once a month! I'm sure the employees of companies aren't going to complain.

The people who are going to complain are of course the people who own companies and stand to lose a great deal of profit and potential sales on the days that offices are closed. I probably would too if I owned a company!

It seems to me that the world is running just for the benefit of these relatively small minority of people. What everyone else wants to do in this system that we live in, which I believe many misleading dub 'Capitalism'... is that we strive to carve out our own slice of the pie.

Or to someday have the dream of being a landowner. In some of the ancient empires of the past that was the slaves dream, to one day become free and then own their own plot of land.

So that's what're all doing today. We strive to get as high as possible in the system that we inherit. But our system today has so much wrong with it including the fact that the world's resources are being consumed at an alarming rate and that pesky global warming issue.

The majority of the world are workers, who do the grunt work, the dirty work that is relatively lower paid. While its arguable that its better to have a situation where the person who has more responsibility should also get paid more, it goes against this whole democracy ideal of being fair.

Why? Well simply put, like I told some people who did management stuff with me, not everyone in the world can be a manager now can they? Out of ten people for example, only one can become the manager of that group, the rest have to become followers.

Stress and other urban problems are on the rise these days, and since the vast majority of the world's population are workers, don't you think they might deserve a holiday or two? It seems we spend so much of our lives just working. In the UK there is something like a whopping 4 holidays for the entire year! Would people anywhere complain about the chance to sit back and relax once in a while? I highly doubt it!


  1. Well Im not a company owner/manager or whatever in that capacity. But dont workers get 8 days per month as holidays anyway? Why do you need additional hoidays, besides you have your own personal leave right?

  2. hmm first abt the post...well i agree with ya in a way mate, but the thing is , As you put it employers may care more about maximizing profits coz they own the company but that doesnt mean the employees have no interest in mazimizing profits. Why? Well if we take the simple logic, the employees wont be entitled to promotions,bigger salaries or bonuses unless their company does well..but this is quite debatable as the company culture and the attitude of the employers play a significant role in how employees are entitled to benefits....

    But yeah world needs a break i guess...:)

  3. Hi :)
    erm... I dunno what to say, mostly because I don't know what Poya is...