Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Go Home Gay People... Love is not for You!

Think about love. What comes to your mind? Happy and warm fuzzy feelings? Great perfect times with that chick or guy you're with or dreaming about? Is that what you're thinking about? Well forget about all that.

I recently came across a post on another blog(extraordinary tales of an ordinary man - or something like that!) that compelled me to put this one down. This post is about gay or homosexual people and the concept of love.

Typically love is seen as being between a man and a woman. Why? I don't know the answer to that one. But one of the common arguments used against homosexual relationships is that it simply isn't natural. I see. By natural this means that normal sexual reproduction isn't possible.

Ok I get that. But then are we saying love is simply about sexual reproduction? That's it? If there isn't any reproduction going on then it isn't love? Oh I see. Of course the clever people who came up with this idea should also then lump in couples where one individual is infertile. Love is no longer taking place here either, after all it isn't natural as someone is unnaturally broken. Advice... find another 'natural' person.

No... but that's different because it's still a man and a woman. So? Then it goes back to 'Love must be between a man and a woman'. Then you ask 'why?'. Then it goes back to reproduction... and we then go in a never ending loop.

Going back to my post on suicide, society has a way of protecting itself against what it perceives as harmful to itself. In the same manner that a person committing suicide would reduce the population, gay couples would do the same in a different fashion. Furthermore if you sanction one gay couple, how many more are going to spring out of the woodwork? Then it becomes a problem...

But then consider this. In ancient Greece (this may have been only Athens) true love was considered to be possible only between two men. Yes you read that right... two men! Women were apparently too dumb to truly love... but that's another matter. In that society the men still got married but they had their gay relationships as well.

Interestingly enough women in that society had 3 functions:

The wife: was for rearing children. She had to be of a good background for the sake of the children.

The Concubine: Was simply for pleasure

The servant: Was for all other needs (needs being a very loose term)

Then their were all the gay occurrences between men as well. But that society overcame it's population problem as the men still got married and had children.

Now I gave an example of how a society was somewhat gay and still managed to survive. Some people say being gay is a choice... I don't know, I don't have any knowledge about that. What I do know is that I like women, and at no point in time did I make a choice to do so. It just simply is. And even if it is a choice... do we have the right to prevent people from making that choice? What gives us the right to do so?

If society somehow turned inherently gay, and told me that it was wrong to love a women, or desire a woman, I would still do so. Just probably in secret.

So to wrap up, I'm not entirely sure what the rationale against gay people is. Why can't two people of the same gender love each other? Is it because of the children? I didn't think love was about having kids. Is it because some of us fear that it's a choice we too could make? I don't know... it's quite a big unknown.


  1. I love this. I've rarely come across a discourse on homosexuality by someone with heterosexual orientations that has not been treated as the newest standing joke, an outrage, a direct result of foreign influences, or 'unnatural' and 'wrong'.

    I think I'll write something with reference to this post when I get through with the exams and stuff, if you don't mind, I guess.

    Also, Hello :D to all the group members of this blog (with whom I generally interact, obviously)

  2. well firstly, cool post.
    but secondly i agree with Sam!!
    thirdly, i "heard" that being gay is sometimes by choice and sometimes not.

    is is not my alley to comment on something that i dont know.
    yet, there MIGHT be some reason why females have sexual organs that men dont yet still pleases men immensely and vice versa of course.
    may be its not only for reproduction. it's for sexual pleasure in each other. i do not like to WRITE these things down but a man's penis(i believe) was made to suit a woman's virgina ( apart from reproduction).
    may be Sam got it right after all- Because GOD said so or else he might have created Adam1, Adam2, Eve1 and Eve2 for them to choose.

  3. There is really one reason and one reason only that people fall back on the idiotic and uneducated stance that being gay is wrong "Because God Said So".

    It's fear. Fear that if you accept it, you're "promoting" the lifestyle.

    Fear that accepting homosexuals will open the door to it "infecting" you.

    Fear that you will have nothing left to be biased about if it were no longer an issue to polarize or divide segments of the population.

    Fear that you might have to face the demon that is your own internalized homosexuality, thereby adding the additional fear of being labeled and/or alienated from friends, family, co workers, etc.

    Plain, simple, and true.

    Homosexuality is different only in how the principals of a relationship are involved. Outside of that, the rules are pretty much the same.

    God didn't create love to limit it only for men to women. Just because there are more straights than gays doesn't mean that straight is any more "right".

    There are atrocities in the heterosexual world that so very conveniently get swept under the rug, from kidnapping young girls for use as sex slaves, polygamists who force wives to compete with each other for the man's love, guru's like David Koresh who brainwashed over 100 people into believing the outside world is evil and they died believing that.

    Let's not forget the atrocities perpetuated by Catholic Priests who molest young boys AND girls because the priests' Vow of Celibacy doesn't cover being driven NUTS by years of sexual repression, and the innocent child is their only outlet.

    So let's be fair.

    If you ask 100 out gays (regardless of gender) if they simply woke up one day and decided to CHOOSE their same sex lifestyle, you'll find greater than 96% of respondents would say NO.

    And the 4% of respondents that either said YES or THEY THINK SO or they're just NOT SURE, will usually be the same uneducated idiots that go on to the Halls of Government and propagandize, demonize and criminalize homosexuality to give themselves a future in public office.

    Finally, God and Jesus both NEVER EVER mentioned homosexuality by name in the Bible.

    I defy anyone to show me a verse from Scripture where Jesus ever said men lying down with men was an abomination (that's Leviticus) unto the Lord.

    If you want to continue saying that being Gay is a choice, and that God didn't make gays who/what they are, that homosexuality is a byproduct of Satan etc., then remember this:

    The Bible has about 363 admonitions referencing heterosexual conduct. One such admonition is so important, it's a Commandment. "Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors Wife".

    There are only roughly 6 references to same sex conduct, and not one written by God's Hand, nor spoken by His Son Jesus.

    Apparently homosexual conduct is low on God's Damn-O-Meter because human history is replete with homosexual references both literary and cultural, and there is no one sin greater than any other, which doesn't make gays any worse than any straight person.

  4. Very interesting post.

    I always wondered what people mean by "natural" relationship...

    Because we are raised to think of a romantic relationship only existing naturally between a man and a woman, it's hard for some people to think differently when faced with a same-sex relationship.

    "Women were apparently too dumb to truly love... but that's another matter"

    Sorry, I don't agree with this one :-D