Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Silence is Golden???

Apart from libraries, funeral parlours and such places where you should keep your mouth shut out of obligation, I always condemned the adherence to this statement. Since in my view, talking was essential (to a good extent) to build and maintain relationships and to lose the boredom and monotony of remaining “silent”.

Yet as the years go by I’ve come to learn that there are many instances where “silence” can indeed be golden. The cases are many, yet here I will be expressing my views only in the light of romantic relationships, or in a much common term, love affairs.

It is a traditional and almost fully Asian view that one party should give in more often than the other in conflict situations in your love lives, and often the ‘giving in’ party was the woman. This sexual division of the ‘giving in’ position has definitely changed over time because today we find both sexes in this position.

I personally think that although the ‘winning’ party in the argument (big or small) may feel that he/she is the more dominant and powerful of the two, it is actually the ‘giving in’ party who is more powerful, intellectually and emotionally.

Saying nothing at all in love’s conflicts is sometimes the best option and the best defense/attack because not only does it save the relationship but also gives the ‘winning’ party a sense of loss when there is no direct and offensive argumentative defense from the other. Hence, the ‘winning’ party too may realize that it was very wise of the ‘giving in’ party to give in.

Thus I believe that Love can be maintained and developed smoothly by sometimes remaining “silent”. We should not however forget that the course of true love never does run smooth. Yet may be sometimes, fewer the words spoken (negatively), longer the love may last. May be.

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  1. well looks like no one's broken the silence and commented on this one! i am of the opinion that silence does communicate a lot in a relationship if you only listen, but sadly, am yet to come across a lady who shares those sentiments :) nice post..