Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Could Happen to You!

Ever had one of those strange coincidences that seemed really strange? Well something recently happened to me which seemed to fit the bill.

It was just an ordinary day, and I had just finished watching the supposed comedy "The Promotion". The movie takes places in a supermarket and is about two employees competing for a promotion. During the movie we see several scenes where a 'chunky' employee continuously helps himself to various products off the shelves.

One example of this involves him using a roll on deodorant before calmly replacing the cap and putting it back on the shelf. Now I was thinking that this could happen in real life too... and we would never know. How sick could that be? But 'nah'... that's just one of those things you think is happening but never really does.

Now I really needed to buy a bottle of gel, and so on that very same day I managed to go to Cargills to go get one. Popped in, plunked the gel on the checkout counter, paid the bill and then went off home. After that I didn't give the gel bottle another moments thought since I don't use it except on working days normally.

Still on the same day I just looked over the bottle sometime later, reading the label as it was a new type that I hadn't tried before. It was during this operation that my eye caught something. 'Hey... wait a minute. Is it just me or is the lid not on properly?' Upon closer inspection I discovered that I was correct, the lid was not on straight, and was actually slightly opened.

So doing the next sensible thing, I opened the bottle up to find that the internal polythene/foam/substance peel off had actually been opened. Clearly this wasn't a case of the bottle fallen to the ground...

After being a little grossed out and considering whether I could actually keep this bottle and use it, I came to a decision.

Shortly afterward I marched right back in there and explained the situation to the dudes and dudettes at Cargills. They were quite happy to change my reconditioned gel bottle.

If that isn't a weird coincidence, I don't know what is. Just remember, the next time you pick up a roll on deodorant, someone else might have used it already!


  1. holy shit.. dude.. am switching to using spray on deos from now on!

  2. aint that coincidence....Bawa um with u on the deos!!

  3. wish it was booze!

  4. why this s@#t always happen to you man!!!!!

  5. haha.. the world is a dangerous place man..stick to spray on deos and tube gels! :D

  6. oh... roll-ons and gell?? try the food we eat out...
    apparently, the best revenge of a server is to spit in our meals on his way to the table :(

    can't really think of being sanitary in everyone's world... :'(