Friday, November 14, 2008

Have I Ever?

Thanx whackster for the tag. Well its the third time we are being tagged but i guess this time the whole Kottu seems to be in a "Have I Ever" frenzy! So I might as well join in..:D But before I start I have to tell you I suck at these tagged posts…

So here goes nothing..

Have I…
  • Spent my entire savings from my salary to go for a gig in India (and being utterly broke in the next few months)..
  • Been sober for one week..
  • Gone clubbing, come home at 3.00am before sitting for an important exam at 8.00am in the morning..
  • Been surrounded by more than five bouncers after my friend tried to sneak out without paying the bill...
  • Demanded and taken money from a trishaw driver to hire another trishaw after he said he was out of fuel and couldn’t take us to our destination
  • Punched out some Indians.. lol
  • Finished a Rockland White rum within 30 mins with two friends
  • Torn off a friend’s t-shirt, while getting jabbed in nose at a mosh pit
  • Spent 4 days at home with dengue thinking that it was only just a regular fever...
  • Refused to visit the doctor for the last 2 and half years even though I’m shivering with flu right now…
  • Drowned…Only to be saved by my cousin at the last moment
  • Spray painted public places and certain college walls with the trademark name and logo ;)…...( and got it on camera)
  • Tried to rundown a bunch of children carrying fireworks at a Katina Perahara thinking they were a mob coming to torch me and the car…
  • Gotten high, driven back home and woken up in the morning thinking how the hell I got here?
  • Driven to Hikka in the middle of the night with bunch of friends after dancing around a late night fire for no particular reason…
  • Choked my brother while he was punching me in the face…
  • Spent my entire pocket money to buy nothing but audio cds from ProMedia during my school days
  • Been embarrassed infront of opposite sex in worst ways possible
  • Fallen in love with a psycho chick…
  • Kept away from putting certain ideas into posts in fear certain people might read them
  • Stopped others from doing a tagged post when they were tagged..bwahaha..
  • Told you that I suck at these tagged posts..
Hmm guess better stop now.… For all the above the answer is Yes I have. Well any one reading this are welcomed to do their own post…would really love to see what you gotta say..


  1. "Tried to rundown a bunch of children carrying fireworks at a Katina Perahara thinking they were a mob coming to torch me and the car…"

    Lmao...that's hilarious...(Bet the children don't think so, though) =D

  2. nice one dide.. my fave is 'been sober for one week' (maybe thats why you r sick now? all the after effects of having too much blood in your alcohol hehe..

  3. aww ProMedia..i remember that place.. :)

    p.s u r good at this btw.

  4. Haha RSZ... Niiiice.... Get well soo buddy... and this is by FAR the best Have I Ever post I've red up to now ;) Thanks so the laugh early in the morning mate.

  5. hahaha...hilarious mate... having been to school wit u. i can vouch for getting embarrassed in front of the opposite sex part..especially when the opposite sex is armed with steam irons..imao

  6. Got to agree with Middle Child on this one! Good to see certain things didn't make it in!!! Ha Ha!

    Also you forgot to highlight and bold the one just before the end. Bastard!

  7. @ sabby- hehe was 2.00am in d morning..raining and i was drunk! what the hell i was supposed to think?? lol

    @FRG10 - dude you may b quite rite on that one!!

    @Middle child - hehe yeah..evrytime wen i get some money id b at that place scavenging for new

    @Pavitri - hehe..thanx men..yeah gettin better nw

    @Bawa - U Bastard!

    @Foxhound - arrhmm...whistling*(bender style)..bwhaahha...(sarcastic bender laugh)

  8. ewww...... what a waste..... last time I checked, tagged was to write things that were different.. and no one knew or would expect. these sound pretty predictable about you...
    u do suck wit d whole tagging thing...

    but well.. you tried... here's a hi5 for that!

  9. @anonymous - eh?

    and RSZ - please tell me you went for Linkin Park in India? :D haha - i would've busted my salary savings for that any day!
    And yeah - pro media - those were the days ;)

  10. Linkin Park in India ?!? wonder how lame that would be..!

  11. 'Tried to rundown a bunch of children' dude! i've known paranoia!! haha!!! nice stuff, looks like we've got some stuff in common dr. Did the whole thing with the three wheel dude once, but ended up not getting a cent.

  12. @anonymous - mite have been quite sometime since u

    last checkd but thanx

    @Blacklight Existence - heh nah it wasnt a Linkin

    park, no offense but that would be

    the last thing on my mind...
    and yeah..seems alotta ppl hav their own fare

    share of promedia

    @kalukumaraya- heh well was no Linkin was the freakin

    Megadeth, with the Tour of Duty...

    @TheWhacksteR- hahaha..that wud hv been nice a three wheeler.