Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Heart Vs Mind

People can be categorized into two; those of us dominated by our hearts and those of us whose minds are more dominating. These two types can again be named as “emotional” people and “rational” people.

In history we find successful lives of both these kinds of people in various fields. Yet the debate arises as to which kind of us is more effective in decision making and successfulness in life.

A person’s whose mind is the most dominating will be more rational thinking, evaluating all decisions in a logical and realistic manner, weighing pros and cons, inputs and outputs and more or less having a plan A and B for most of life’s actions-he will be someone who will try to get either more than he gives or an exact equal output.

A person dominated by the heart is in most cases someone who sees the good in everything-sometimes even when it’s not there, who is willing to make huge sacrifices to achieve something relatively small in worldly value, who will deny all logical reasoning and undergo much difficulty to enjoy a simple happiness, who is ready to face losses in order to make another gain profits.

So who is more successful in life?

A “mind” person may appear to be more selfish and output driven, which will win him good results and attainments but perhaps very few people, that too not out of love or devotion but out of power and force. A “heart” person may seem to be selfless and process-driven, reaping fewer results but many a good heart, and may be some instances of “being taken for granted”.

Which will be more valuable and consistent? Achievements (monetary and the like) or good people (to stand by you)? It is almost impossible to find a 50-50 heart-mind person, thus which is the best combo, more heart and less mind or vice versa?


  1. Well..guess i have the badsides of both..:S, i seem to think too much on stuff that i should have acted upon instantly, and make irrational choices end end up worse!!...

    But i guess it depends on the situation..

    nyways nice to see you back Horton after along!

  2. A balance is what everyone needs.. but then again, it differs with every individual's nature I believe....

    sigh! what to do... but a good post that was.:)

  3. yeah. it depends on e situation...and probably the environment factors affect our decision making processes.

    so i think based on personal experiences and their perceptions, people can be classified into those 2 categories.

    there are people who thinks too much on work and other stuff,which seems a bit weird for me cos i never think that deep on "general" matters.(i guess i belong to e heart category!)

    However i have not so far seen people who are cornered into the two extremes.

  4. I really like your post Horton!

    I always prefer people with heart over mind, or rather with a bias towards heart.

  5. isnt it amazing how we all go thru the same sort of shit... love, life, work.... i guess i fall into the emotional category here...

  6. true, true, same shit, different body, different day. Resonating between extremes, philosophy that's mostly unproductive...