Saturday, September 27, 2008

Progeria: A Disease You've Probably Never Heard Of

You might think the above picture is a fake, some kind of photoshop trick, but I can safely tell you its not.

It might seem like something straight out of science fiction, but Progeria is actually a very real disease. What happens to individuals suffering from this affliction? Well it affects only children and causes premature aging and growth stunting among other symptoms. The children who have the disease have small and weak bodies, and what might be considered a creepy appearance.

Extremely rare, most children who suffer from Progeria don't live past 13 years of life and die of heart disease. Progeria sufferers' unusual appearance may be likened by some to that of 'Greys' or the typical 'Alien' figure. A large head on top, big eyes and strangely proportioned features.

Babies born with the disease appear normal, but eventually start to display symptoms such as loss of body fat, aged looking skin, stiff joints and another affliction called atherosclerosis.

Like quite a few diseases, if you're unlucky enough to be born with it, then that's quite simply that. Since its not a common disease its practically unheard of in the mainstream. But just because its unheard of doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

I suppose there should be a point to this post... some life changing gleam of light? In this case, nope... sorry. Maybe you didn't know it was out there... but now you do.

I leave you with this video:


  1. Whooow..powerful documentary and a great post..ive actually heard abt this disease but only seen sme pic etc..

  2. Wow, very well written... and I don't think every post has to be life- changing, altough, I feel the desease must be life altering for those who suffer from it, no? Therefore, it means something, I think.

    BTW, I couldn't hear anything in the video...

  3. It's sad... learning about progeria was part of our syllabus not too long ago but went out when the "special topics" module was assassinated. It has become an orphan disease - because it's so rare, research into drugs that may help is just not profitable.

  4. OMG.... Isn't there any medical research to find a cure or a way of ensuring that children are born without it? Anything??

    My heart goes out to all these kids... :'(

  5. This disease is very serious and sad becaues it presently has no treatment or prevention and they hace a short life span usually up to teenage years. And I am now doing a research project on progeria which is very interesting but God bless all those with progeria.