Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Melechesh, the Middle Eastern Metal Titans

My good friend Kelum happened to copy a few metal albums which were somewhat off my regular listening genres. One of the bands was Melechesh, an Israel heavy metal outfit formed in 1993.

These Middle Eastern metal titans are said to be the originators of Mesopotamian metal, a blackened heavy metal genre blended with Middle Eastern tunes and melodies. They are heavily influenced by Mesopotamian/Sumerian tunes and melodies which are quite significant in their riffs and drum patterns. To add to the power, the lead vocalist Ashmedi’s powerful screeches give a distinctive dark tone to the whole music.

Since their formation they have released a totall of 7 recordings consisting of 3 EPs and 4 full-length albums. Their latest album “Emissaries” released under the popular French record label Osmose Productions in 2007 carries a powerful stack of Middle Eastern melodies are unique and refreshing.

Currently based in Netherlands, the band recently signed with Nuclear Blast records and we all can definitely hope for something different and distinctive in the time to come.

The Song I have embedded here is called “Genies, Sorceres & Mesopotamian Nights” and is from their second full-length album Djinn, which was released in 2001. Check out the awesome melodic riff towards the middle of the track.


  1. Have you heard 'Children of Bodom'? Western band, but pretty good...

  2. whow...didnt kno that you were into metal?? hehe..yeah COB is freakin awesome..

  3. I enjoy all sorts of music, yaar... should just sound good. It actually depends on my mood, as well. Plus, some of my really close friends are into the heavier forms of rock.

    Hey, I was wondering, this friend of mine is taking part in this project to build an all terrain car... engineering college, and all...
    So they're looking for lots of sponsorship to cover up, and I'm taking an interest since he's a part of it. You guys wouldn't have an idea about somebody to approach, would you? Not a personal contact, but like, a company or brand that may be interested?

    Oh, and did you see the video I embedded? ;D ;P

  4. Hey mixedblessings..sorry but not that much sure abt the sponsor thing...but if its required we can help ya out with d blog or smthn...u kno publicize abt it etc...or smthn

  5. Mesapotamian Nights man! They released Emissaries but in my books, not up to the brilliance of Djinn which includes some of the best compositions Melechesh conjured.