Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life is complicated....

I cannot remember my life ever being this complicated, these were the thoughts that swum in to my head as I lazed out on the couch with a bottle of ice-cold Carlesberg. Yes, life is complicated I thought, the hazy greenish image of my surroundings viewed through the bottle added to the feeling.

My parents were off to Hikka for the weekend- the reason I took the liberty of sipping a beer in the living room. In a way it seems strangely ironic; I mean in the eyes of many I should be living the ' life', hard work and dedication paved my entrance into Medical School only to find an even more competitive environment. Everyone here works hard! Studying is required not to get good grades but to pass, sleepless nights are reserved not only for eager beavers but rather seems to be the norm.

For the last three weeks my life has been revolving around Physiology, Anatomy and Biochemistry. I have been assured by my seniors that life gets even more hectic ( boy, i can't wait!)- "malli, first year eke monawada ban padan karanne clinical appointments patan gannakan innako."

Add to this my complicated and rather heartbreaking relationship status; my ex girlfriend broke up with me... why? because I didn't have time for her... Understandable, lectures and practicals till four and studying until midnight.. I doubt many 18 year old girls would put up with that kind of schedule... so fair enough, I understand why it didn't work.

But, then the bomb.. I love her... I know that the subject of love is a much hackneyed topic.. but in the spirit of all the cliche quotations, I loved her and maybe she loved me even more, which makes it kind of hard to let go..

Add to this the fact that she still needs time to figure out where our relationship is going and the fact that she's still not sure if we are on a break or broken up. Man life sucks!

That's not all.. a couple of days ago a very close friend of mine in Uni ( close friend because we hang out with the same clique and she saves a seat for me in lectures and not because we've known each other for that long)... suddenly sprung yet another surprise.

Apparently she had had a crush on me for over an year, back in the day's we used to go for A/L tuition classes. She is rather good looking, even appearing in a couple of commercials which had obviously drawn a quite a few batch mates and even a couple of seniors towards her. I do not know why she chose to tell me this, maybe it was because I had broken up with my girlfriend for two years, maybe it was the stress of undergraduate education or maybe she just wanted to see if I was interested.

I wasn't as I said earlier, I really did love my girlfriend... and would have done anything to salvage the relationship, though I suspect it is a little too late for that now. Anyways Bawa lives in hope that someday his love will be vindicated...

In any case, the fact that the two of us hangout together in Uni had caused a bit of friction and a lot of gossip. With the latest development, it is little bit weird to hang around with the same clique, which has seemingly sparked even more gossip!

Hmmm... my beer is almost finished now... got to go start studying histology, if life wasn't bad enough already! Maybe I'll continue later, maybe I won't; depends on how much beer I can find in the fridge and how much free time I've got...

"So was I once myself a swinger of birches;
And so I dream of going back to be."
-Robert Frost


  1. Well the quote is very apt... and I don't quite know what to say to the rest of it.

    Well written, of course, but all articles on this blog tend to be so...

    My Dad's a doctor, so, yeah, I've heard all about how hard you guys have to work... well best of luck, in any case.

    Hope you found more beer.

  2. Dude few things if i may...

    What happened to Three Coins..Irish Dark??

    A tv actress AND a medical student?? Nice

    Its been quite sometime since our last session ;)..That hectic brain of urs mite need sme refills.... Lemmi kno once the exams are over..but deffa not Carlesberg :D

  3. R.I.P. BAWA...
    Time will heal everything and only thing that's need is patience...

  4. well shes not exactly an actress, more like a tv/commercial model..

  5. Ooohh a tv model????! whoooaa...:D bawa..bawa..bawa..

  6. robert frost rocks! hang in there buddy.. from wht iv read uv got ur priorities right. you cant fall apart. just some tough times thats all.

  7. Machang Bawa,hang in there bro..dont loose all ya hopes..and at the same time,dont hang on to it much either...just see how it goes..may b the "tv model" could be ur true love..u never, our very own "Nestamolt" model..LOL.. so lets see..