Friday, August 15, 2008

Defining the Undefinable

“Love is a many splendoured thing…” so goes the words in that timeless love song. To venture into the task of even trying to define ‘Love’, is close to impossible, because ‘Love’, in my opinion, does not have one definition. It means different things to different people; passion, romance, understanding, friendship, caring, lust, etc. To me, ‘Love’ is “an experience of a lifetime, where you want to spend your whole lifetime with that person to whom you can give your whole lifetime”.

The most unbelievable thing about ‘Love’ is that you seem to know everything about it before you experience it, but once you’ve had a taste of true ‘Love’, you discover that you don’t know a thing about it. When you’re out of ‘Love’, you’re a professional in it, but when you’re ‘in Love’, you’re a mere novice. Before ‘falling in Love’ you’ve no doubt had plans about your first date, first kiss and even your first child’s name. Yet once you’re ‘in Love’, you find yourself as weak as a dried up leaf caught in a whirlwind.

Why is ‘Love’ always an ad hoc thing? Why do all our plans of ‘Love’ just fly off the window when we’re actually ‘in Love’? Why do things almost always ‘accidentally happen’ when you’re in ‘Love’? Is it because good things take time but great things happen all at once? Hmmm…

Most of us spend countless time planning our love lives with someone who (in most cases) never loves us back. Yet, when we do actually find the true ‘Love’ of our lives, it’s a person who loves us back, and it mostly seems like an “accident”. So instead of trying desperately to implement our ‘well planned’ love life with that ‘dream’ person, we find ourselves following a ‘real’ well designed plan customized just for us by our ‘real’ true ‘Love’

Often we look for roses with thorns while not seeing the soothing lilies blossoming right before us. We seek for the fictitious diamond while foregoing the ruby we see on the way. We are often blinded by fantasy ‘Love’, that we don’t see true ‘Love’ just waiting patiently for us to discover it.

In my opinion, ‘Love’ is not about seeking the mythical pot of leprechaun gold, it is about walking the rainbow which transports us from gloomy clouds into colourful skies.


  1. I agree that love means different things to different people. I also feel that Love as in 'Luv' means different things for the same person at different times...

  2. What you say is true... but for a guy I don't think just waiting around is going to result in anything. Typically the guy has to make all the moves... or else get a big bucket of mucho nothing!

    And people actually love us back? My God! ;)