Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Be the REALIST!!! Alexipharmic's new mixtape "Good Side of Bad Vol 1"

“Every man, woman, child, stand and be proud
We all fall down to pick ourselves from the ground
And lose what we’ve got so it’s sweeter when it’s found
And round and round and round life goes”

This is the chorus of a rap song “Rainclouds” by an artist called Alexipharmic who I found out in myspace recently. The fact that kindles me to write this short article is that this artist and his music moved me for some place higher and only few hip hop artists manage to do that for me in my context.
The mix tape “Good Side of Bad:Vol 1” which can be download free of charge or you can download paying money and can contribute for mercy Corp’s Darfur relief efforts.
The mix tape is a killer one. Why I say so is that still music wise it’s a pretty laid down smooth album when comparing it with other underground counterparts, but lyrically all the tracks are spot on to the relevant topic and deep poetic signatures are significant in all 10 tracks.
Alexipharmic discusses about the inner struggles in his life, other social issues and another interesting track that you should listen is “love” which dealt about a relationship and I think one of the best poetic lyrics about romance which I came a cross, from an rap artist.
The album can be recommended as easy listening because he has put much, much more effort in producing and composing soothing music tracks to support his lyrical message. So I invite everybody; hip hop lovers and non hip hop lovers too, to take a look at his profile on myspace, check out his music and support his worthy cause.

Alexipharmic’s profile:

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  1. nice post man!! alexi is truly an awesome lyricist and a musician..

  2. This is cool, thanks for the link :)