Friday, July 11, 2008

They can’t even do a strike right!

It supposed to be a island wide strike. But I went to the uni, did our presentation and came back as usual. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything in Colombo is happening in it’s slow pace as any other ordinary day.

Why they were unable to hold a successful union action to motivate the government to respond to their demands? I think that all the trade unions are more or less victimized by this ruined party politics system so they are merely acting upon the agenda of the political party not for the fulfillment of the rights of its members.

Is this trade union action justifiable? My personal opinion is YES of course. We went back in ages in our socio-economic development thanks for the brilliance of the current government’s economic policies. They even went to forge numbers in annual bank report to show that they are doing fine .But in reality the picture is not that beautiful.

It’s natural that the economic development of a country will be automatically pushed to the back seat when the country is dealing with a war. But the government should take necessary precautions to reduce unfavorable impacts to the nation’s economy when they are going thru in this kind of scenario. But as far as I can see they are taking stupid decisions like transferring millions of rupees to reinstate Mihinlanka and more or less involve in taking steps to maintain their majority in parliament and their power. So people should take actions against the government to force them to come back to the right track. The government’s ever so popular answer “FINAL STAGE OF TERMINATING TERRORISM” or” DON’T TRAIT THE VICTORIES OF THE NORTH” should be criticized because they are using them as a weapon to get away from finding answers to questions which are important to the nation and it’s people.

The opposition’s role in this scenario should be discussed. But the main fact I doubt is that IS THERE A GOOD SPIRITED, STRONG OPPOSITION to stand and act behalf of the people of the nation and to force the government to do the right things?


  1. Dude..interesting..but when it comes to politics u cant point out that one gov is solely responsible for the state that we are in was more or less the deeds of all the governments since 48' that pushed us back in economic growht, at least this time they are takin a stance on terror jus like durin the 80s..( and i solely believe that its only their war on terror that brought them to power not anything in an ironic way u cant expect much from a gov like that on economic growth..

    but i agree you cant hoodwink every wrong doing of the governmnet with "DON’T TRAIT THE VICTORIES OF THE NORTH" slogan....

  2. agree with both DRG and Skull (quite rare but yes this time i do)

    Personally i think the strike was quite successful and if anything serves as a prime example of the scale of OVER STAFFING in all government institutions.

    Secondly this government is out to make quick buck just like all others before it... nothing new about that.. u hear the UNP talking of HR and media freedom.. though the situ today is quite bad, it is nothing compared to the dark days of JR and Premadasa when media men were killed in broad daylight.

    Yes, this government's is playing up the nationalistic card even going to the extent of becoming a fascist dictatorship, then again there is nothing new about that either, reme,ber the '94 presidential election ( i don't i was only 7 then) anyways the UNP called CBK a tamil and went to the extent of drawing 'pottu's on her election posters.

    What this country needs is a party that recognizes terrorism for what it is, yet does not believe racial superiority. A party that has the balls to implement a new economic system (for it is clear that this one has failed miserably)....what is that party?
    Unfortunately for DRG at present only the JVP has those credentials.