Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dine-More? I think not

Since school days some of my friends and me have met up every now and then again at DineMore on Flower Road, even when that outlet was originally Quicky's. It has just been an easy get together point, and even as people moved abroad and went their separate ways, we still meet there when people are back in town.

So for the first time I went to the newer Dinemore just off Flower Road at the roundabout. First bad news was the prices, every thing's gone up. But that can't be helped right? With the situation of the economy and all that jazz.

Fine. So we order our staple Chicken Submarine and a lassie and all is well for now. Then when the food turns up more bad news. The fry portion looks like someone else accidentally spilled a few fries as they were passing our plates. Honestly I could have grabbed the entire portion in one hand with ease.

Ok... so the economy right? But then the last straw was the taste of the submarine. Bloody awful. I've had that chicken submarine so many times, but this time it tasted like plain crap and my friend didn't even finish his because it was so gross. Oh no it was edible alright, but not something you would really want to eat.

Seems like the place has grown physically, but their standards have just fallen. Dinemore? I think I will Dineless.


  1. Yeah. Tell me about it.
    Not only that those days their shawarmas used to be filled with only chicken and cheese. Now there's a load of crap inside it, it guess to reduce the amount of chicken that goes in to it.

  2. All you gotta do is to find another place? Maybe Saraswathi?

  3. yeah..nw thats a nice veg. restaurant.. heh

  4. Dine-less... now thats a great name for a health restaurant heh

  5. i totally vote for a name change to Dine-less..
    also, the people there are SO VERY NON customer friendly (unlike those old folks who used to be there when the restuarant was in Flower Road)as i unfortunately found out recently..

    but i guess they still survive and flourish due to their comparatively cheap prices and convenient location and stuff...

    patiently awaiting a better FRIENDLIER place...

  6. try COMMONS or COFFEE STOP better ambiance, better food and better people!

    *sigh* dinemor used to be one of the low priced joints with decent food, it seems neither has survived the economic depression...

  7. whoa..bawa nice to see u enjoyin sme of tha "capitalist" traits.. i wished the other 60% in the country cud also enjoy that strall through commons or coffe stop eh??

    in reply to ur comments on:

  8. After all its u who said everything is about

  9. dude... i have never said that its a sin to eat at commons or coffee stop have i?

    please do not disfigure my ideology to prove your narrow minded theories.. for your information communist Cuba has plenty of coffee houses and diners, night clubs etc.

    Communism does nor forbid entertainment or enjoyment... perhaps you should take a closer look at sicko (since ur such a big MIchael Moore fan) and observe how communism is mis-represented by gluttonous capitalists...

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  11. Dude.... It’s not about your broad political ideologies um concerned about. Its your reference JVP (check the link above) as a viable candidate for power I am concerned about.
    First of all I do not want to criticize or for that matter oppose socialism or any Marxist ideologies in general as I too believe in greater amount of equality and social welfare. But I really doubt that the current JVP ideologies match with your so called "SOCIALIST DREAM". I really doubt that the current JVP attitude towards the economy and social values as a whole encourage even the tiniest bit of "Coffee Stops or Night Clubs”.

    It’s not about being narrow minded but by seeing the things the way they are anyone can realize the rigid dictatorial leadership the JVP posses. I really doubt it reflect any of the qualities that we are seeing from Cuba or China today.

    So my logical conclusion is that though you advocate whole heartedly, the current JVP political ideologies would not be fruitful to anyone especially "COFFE STOP-SOCIALIST BAWAS" like you…

  12. Dude... the predicament that this country faces is much bigger than DINEMORE, COFFEE STOP or COMMONS...

    I would be willing and also expect thousands more patriotic citizens in this country would be as well to fore go simple luxuries if it were to benefit the entire population of Sri Lanka.

    It has to agreed that only the JVP has the balls to take on the LTTE, tackle corruption, prevent wastage and simulate a hapless economy...

    A vote for the JVP is not made with the intention of preserving Coffee Stop etc. but rather with the intention of uplifting the living standards of everyone in this country..

    If places like COMMONS etc. continue to thrive ... then that's even better!!!

  13. Stuffing an animal carcass even with some cut vegetables and mayonnaise between two halves of bread, doesn't make it tastier!

  14. Dine more????????????????dont think so i recently been to the new one, the whole place sucks???prices really gone up....customer service if they call this customer service,i wouldnt o there any more