Sunday, July 13, 2008

Banksy Revealed??

Ahh Banksy, the urban legend, DailyMail claims that they have been able to dig up the true identity of this world renowned street artist. This news brought me a tinge of happiness and sadness at the same time, well it’s good to know who the real personality behind all the mysteries is, but at the same time I think it was the hidden secrecy and anonymity that sparked much interest among the keen followers of this world renowned street artist. Though he does not openly sell his works or hold exhibitions in commercial galleries it is believed that his work has been some of the most sought after and among collectors.
Well though my knowledge on this filed may not be deep I have always been intrigued by many of his artworks which actually bore a satirical touch in it. Not only his remarkable art pieces but his personality has also gained him the reputation as an urban rebel warrior due to much of the controversies that he was said to be involved in.
Any way I picked up this news from an article published on daily mail, some say this may be just another tabloid gossip. But any way the creations of this unique street artist will continue to inspire and astonish us for many years to come.
"Mona Lisa with a rocket launcher"
Below: "One Nation Under CCTV" Can you see the CCTV camera next to the huge letters?


  1. knew this bugger for sometime. He redefines the whole concept of graffiti and street art. Great post and want to see more from u

  2. cool post. Banksy's appeasl partly lies in his mystery!

  3. Well... I sure as hell like his style!