Sunday, June 8, 2008

Civillian Bloodbath

Unfortunately this is a rather delayed response to the bus bombs at Moratuwa and Kandy on Friday, unfortunate because we have had to witness the said incident at all. In a conventional combat scenario we should not have to deal with such attacks, but unfortunately the reality in Sri Lanka is such that these indiscriminate civilian attacks are becoming more and more commonplace.

Personally I believe that the objectives of the LTTE that orchestrates these attacks are threefold;

1. Whip up anti Tamil sentiment and a subsequent backlash against the Tamil communities living in predominantly Sinhala neighborhoods.

It is unbelievable that the vociferous Tamil diaspora is largely silent over this extremely dangerous and inhumane course of action plotted be their so called freedom fighters. Not only are innocent civilians belonging to all ethnic groups in Sri Lanka killed and maimed in these attacks, the LTTE willingly and if not deliberately chooses to put the lives of thousands of other Tamil civilians at risk.

2. Divert the concentration of the security forces towards the south

The large numbers of army and STF soldiers that are deployed in the theater of battle in the North would have to be withdrawn to ensure the safety of civilians in the south, in wake of such attacks. Which would dilute the war effort of the government to liberate the North, I would like to make it clear that I make no qualms about the fact the only solution to the issue of terrorism, is to crush it ruthlessly.

3. To whip up anti government sentiment and to create an opinion that the war effort is futile.

I doubt if the government needs any help from the LTTE in whipping up public opinion against it. Their hap hazard economic policies, wasteful management, blatant cronyism, media suppression, human rights violations, corruption, incompetence and at times racist ideology seems to have accomplished this objective.

In any case the only way to deal with the LTTE is to crush it at the earliest possible opportunity, I must confess that I do feel sympathetic towards the regular cadre of the terror outfit who were forcibly conscripted and brainwashed. It is saddening that the leadership of the LTTE has destroyed an entire generation of Tamil youth in the North of the country and sacrificed their souls in to this never ending war. Unfortunately the Tamil diaspora living in the cool climes of North America and Europe seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are aiding and abetting the destruction of their own people.

According to defence analyst Paul Harris, yes the LTTE wants peace but peace on their own terms. Peace for the sake of peace is no peace at all.

Why is the LTTE hell bent on achieving the Eelam? Why not settle for a negotiated settlement with the government that allows for greater autonomy of the North and East.

Why not? Because the survival of the leadership depends on the Eelam if the LTTE does not achieve it then the survival of Prabhakaran and the top rungs of the Tiger hierarchy cannot be assured. Supposing that the LTTE comes forth for a settlement, will Prabhakaran ever be accepted by the Tamil people for killing and maiming their own brethren, will he be accepted by the Sinhala and Muslim communities after decades of ethic cleansing in the North and the East.
(To the contrary, the entire strength of the Ministerial and Presidential guard would have to be utilized to protect his life.)

Will he ever be seen as a statesman by the Indians after killing their Prime minister? Will he be accepted by the international community after assassinating Lakshman Kadirgamar one of the finest intellectuals and diplomats to come out of Oxford.

Therefore the survival of the tyrannical LTTE regime depends on the establishment of the Eelam, which is further exemplified by their willingness to spill any amount of blood to achieve it.


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