Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Cop Killing Simulator!

Ah our dear friend and lawyer Jack Thompson is still on his never ending crusade to save our souls from the evil that is violent videogames. His recent victory involved removing the violent propaganda of the Cop Killing Simulator (Grand Theft Auto 4) from various bus stands in the US.

I suppose you can't really blame him... after all games like Gears of War that involving splicing people in half with a chainsaw mounted on a gun or the free roaming shooting spree that some Grand Theft Auto players indulge in.

Ah a budding youth training for the real world.

His case: ban these violent simulations and lower youth crime in the United States. Sure... you can, but somehow Mr.Thompson, in the rest of the world including Sri Lanka this epidemic seems nonexistent.

Why? Is there some vitamin goodness in the water? Or perhaps our food is laced with violence lowering chemicals? But maybe its more likely that its due to the fact that guns aren't easily obtainable in most countries unlike the United States. Troubled youth blows away his classmates and the fact that he used a gun to express his frustration is obviously not the problem. Grand Theft Auto must have done it.

By such rationale this writer should be a mass murderer by having committed mass genocide in virtual reality and having blown the heads off the Covenant, Locust, German, Stormtrooper and other armies to name only a few in one man solo crusades in the vein of John Rambo.

I'm not sure what it is, but America refuses to acknowledge the problem with its youth, and is instead going on a witch hunt to plant the blame somewhere else. But note that movies which are well established have no such impact for some reason. [sarcasm] Probably because of its revenue generation and mainstream acceptance. [sarcasm] Personally I find people getting torn in half in a movie far more disturbing than in a videogame which is definitely not real.

Thompson and the Cop Killing Simulator

It seems though that in latest developments that Mr. Thompson may be banned from practicing 'law' for the period of ten years due to certain 'infractions' that he committed which include some minor quibbles like lying. One has to wonder what simulator he's been playing on to develop his skills.

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