Monday, June 9, 2008

A worrying trend...

First it was Mervyn and his goons assaulting the SLRC News Director, then it was repeated intimidation of journalists culminating with the assault on Keith Noyahr. Then it was the Defence Ministry's definition of "patriot" which effectively slammed all those who don't support the government as being traitors.

It seems that the intimidation of journalists were only a first step, to test the water to see how far the the government can go via thuggery and intimidation.

Yesterday the next phase of the Operation : Curtailing Civil Liberties got underway, with the assault on a lawful protest against the governments wasteful spending and economic mis management being attacked by a UPFA Provincial councilor and a PS member.

Though I do not agree with the economic plans of the JVP, one has to admit that in the present political climate they are the only sane voice of dissent. Everyone knows that the UNP is only being opportunistic and really don't give a damn about the people.

If that wasn't enough the protest that was staged to protest the assault also came under attack, this type of shameless intimidation of political parties is a worrying trend. One that should not only be pondered but also acted against. The government I believe is using the war to subdue democracy and to move toward totalitarianism much the same way Hitler seized Germany by burning down the parliament.

At least Hitler had a cause which he had some faith in, this government doesn't have a cause apart from embezzling as much as money as possible.

Yes, a worrying trend indeed...

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