Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Idea Pettiya E02 - Mithila Somasiri from

In this episode of Idea Pettiya we were able to have a brief chat with Mithila Somasiri who is one of the major contributors and founding memebers of Sri Lankan nature and travel site

The website is a thriving virtual community of people who share similar interests in travel and exploring Sri Lankan nature and wildlife. The website has now become a great destination for users to obtain free information about places to explore, get advise and share their own travel experiences. The website contains highly detailed trip reports, information about attractions and amazing trekking routes in the heart of Sri Lanka. Their ever active forum has become a  great place to seek advise and share information.

We spoke to Mithila about his inspiration behind the website and his thoughts about conservation of Sri Lankan wildlife.

You could visit Lakdasun for more information at :

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