Friday, March 9, 2012

Colombo International Theater Festival 2012

Colombo International Theater Festival will be held from 26th March - 2nd April 2012 at the British School Auditorium. While the main performances will be held at British College Auditorium there will be a series of workshops and lecturers at Goethe Institute in Gregory's Road.

The festival will host a number of International Theater productions from countries such as Australia,Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, India etc. We had a little chat with the festival director M.Safeer who with is Inter Act Art Foundation is putting in an amazing effort to make this event a success. M.Safeer has been in the Sri Lankan Theater industry for over 20 years with much experience and has pioneered in this with a hope of creating a turning point in the Sri Lankan Theater industry.

We are in the process of doing a few more interviews and documenting some of the efforts that are going into making this event a success, anyways below we have shared the performance schedule and you could gain more information about ticket reservations from their facebook page.

Colombo International Theater Festival  - Performance Schedule

26th March

Changeable Cohesion - Germany            
Choreographer – Gerda Konig
Concept - Gustavo Fijalkow/ Gerda Konig

27th  March

The Old Man and The Sea - Iran 
Director - Zahrasadat Aziminia
(Iran’s Sayeh Theater Group)

Passengers – Sri Lanka 
Director - Ronika Chamali / S.Leelawathi
(Janakaraliya – Theater of people)
28th March
Sitabo Lalang Lipa – Indonesia
Director - Muh.Saeful
(UKM Seni dan Budaya Talas)

29th  March

Chutti (Story-telling theater) - Delhi      
Director - Dr.Ashish Ghosh
(Anant Theater Group)

30th  March

Talk is Small (a play with scrabble) -Australia     
Director - Brendon O’Cannel
(Big One Little One)

Elfi - Sri Lanka   
Director - S.Dayalan
(Inter Act Art Black Box Theater)
31st March

Akhiyan Walio (People with eyes) - Pakistan     
Director - Aamir Nawaz
(Maas Foundation - Pakistan)

01st April

Dangalnama – Pune, India
Director - Pro. Vidyanidhee Vanarase
(Flame School of performing arts)

02nd April

Caged - Sri Lanka             
Director - M.Safeer
(Inter Act Art Black Box Theater)


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