Thursday, June 16, 2011

From Baiting to Bliss : A Tale of Three Bears

You might remember the previous post I published with regards to Bear Baiting in Pakistan, well some great news arrived in my inbox today! With so much donations and support WSPA has been able to rescue three bears and usher them to a safe sanctuary where they are enjoying their new found freedom.., Its really great to see that something you have contributed in little had made a big impact on the lives of so many people...

With continued support and donations they aim to rescue more of these suffering animals held in captivity in various parts of the country. Read the full story from the below link..

Check out this awesome video on the tale of the Three Bears...:)


  1. god knows what kind of torture those poor animals went thru.
    why the hell cant the effing pakistani gov. and people do anything about this? >:(

  2. I know, but guess its an integral part of the rural culture where warlords have a better say..:) even though this is illegal in Pakistan it still goes on...but hopefully these efforts will help save them..