Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stop Bear Baiting in Pakistan!

Well, my newsletter subscription for WSPA, brought a very unusual update from Pakistan. To be honest I don't run through thoroughly on any of the newsletter subscriptions but the image heading itself caught my attention. A bear tied to a rope and another coming out from its nose....the story was on Bear Baiting, a horrific sport practiced in Pakistan where captured bears are forced to fight each day and left to live a miserable life in unimaginable conditions.

They are caught as cubs and brought up only to fight with raging dogs who are unleashed at these sporting events. Most often the canine teeth of the bear are pulled out and the bear is tied to a rope to prevent it from escaping. If the dogs manage to hold the bear down for a considerable time it is considered that the bear is defeated.Unfortunately these poor animals have to undergo several fights at a given day in one event. They live in gruesome conditions with no proper feeding and with unhealed wounds from previous fights.

Of course there are many such notorious blood sports across the world, like Bullfighting, Dog Fighting Fox Hunting etc etc.. And its always hard to put an end to all of it single handedly, but I believe that all of us in our own capacity should work towards eliminating these inhumane practices.

This image just took me back to childhood, um sure everyone had a Big Brown Teddy to play with..but this is just not that beautiful....

WSPA has for a long time, with the support of Pakistani people and its legislature had campaign against this cruel sport.

Please visit the below link, Do your best to support, create awareness and donate in any way you can!


  1. Gawd the cruelty of some ppl. No wonder the Pakistani's are suffering left and right.
    Karma is indeed a bitch!