Monday, March 29, 2010

Interesting Sri Lankan Facebook Stats

Well, this was not the post that I intended to write but, when trying to research on Social Media engagement in Sri Lanka, just came across some interesting Facebook facts derived straight from their own Advertising platform.
It gives you great options to filter your target markets with custom segmentation, most of the figures are just from playing around with the advertiser dashboard.

So lets start

As of March 2010

Males Dominate!

There are 501,520 Facebook users who live in Sri Lanka (those who have indicated that they are located in Sri Lanka) out of which 320,100 are men and 172,640 are women. Another 8780 have not disclosed their gender.

As a percentage close to 65% of Sri Lankan Facebook users are male. And around only around 35% are female.

More Lesbians than Gay men?

Well, that may be a hypothetical statement but if you go ahead to check “Interested In” feature you would find that there are 12,400 Men who are interested in Men, and 35,800 women interested in women. J

So if we take this figure as a percentage of each gender 3.87% of Sri Lankan Men on Facebook are interested in Men, and 20.67% of Sri Lankan women on Facebook are interested in women.   :O

The Facebook group called Sri Lankan Gay Friends has close to 1000 members. and the Facebook Group Lesbians Group in Sri Lanka has close to 600 members.

Who you gonna vote?

In the past few months we saw heavy political activity in Facebook, even now you could see many candidates advertising on Facebook and so many updates on different political fan pages. There was a close game between the two presidential candidates with much being spent on constant advertising. The Facebook Fan Page stats at the moment are as follows

Mahinda Rajapaksa ( - 56,702

Sarath Fonseka ( ) - 63,150

Do you like Kottu?

Although you could consider many Sri Lankans to love “Kottu” when you filter out the number those who actually are a Fan of a Kottu Rotti Page or who have Kottu Rotti mentioned in their profile information is only 5380. No matter how popular Kottu is amongst Sri Lankans since many of them have not associated themselves with that word, Facebook has not been able to collect the correct sentiment with regards to Kottu.

What’s your Lingo?

Ok so we have the three National Languages, Sinhala, Tamil and English. In Facebook many of us have set our default language as English (US) with  451,000 using it and only 46,060 using English (UK).

But did if you check other languages you would get some interesting figures,

320 Facebook users in Sri Lanka speak EspaƱol (Spanish)

270 speak French

And an interesting 20 users speaking Hebrew

Of course the accuracy of this would differ according to whether the user has specified this on their language settings.

Sports Update

There are 55,0810 who like Cricket and only 6220 who have mentioned their interest in Rugby


There are 180 Facebook users who like Satan and 20 of those who like Osama Bin Laden…and there are 4589 fans in Anarkalli’s Official Facebook Page!!!

So anyway Facebook is a place where different tastes, ideas and people come together, its interesting see how this social media platform has risen to popularity in the recent past, when i checked Facebook some months back there were only around 350000 Facebook users but now its over 500000. Its interesting to see how Facebook is influencing our lives and how it is impacting our country as a whole, i think i might cover it on another post.


  1. wow that was quite enlightening :D
    TBH i really think that their are more men in the Sri Lankan Lesbian group than women who are actually lesbians xD

  2. This info is misleading.

    1- Srilankan members are defined as members whose IP addresses originate from Srilanka. i.e. If a lankan living overseas, he may have been omitted in the count. In that case the actual count could well be more.

    2- Also misleading because there are fake, troll profiles.. I know of people who have more than 10 profiles at a time.

    3- 0.5 million of 20 million population is 2.5% or 1 in every 40 is a member.. Quite unlikely in a country with broadband penetration of about 5%..

    4- It is a no brainer that facebook inflates and manipulates its stats and actual figures for obvious advertising income reasons..

    While i appreciate your work i don't think we should get too carried away by these misleading figures...

  3. @Welcom to Boredom - haha true man, thats quite true :D

    @ Anonymous - well, as i ve mentioned before the stats are straight from Facebook, so should you think that they are providing wrong information then that's a very serious comment where Facebook itself can be sued.

    But i agree with your comment that this is not 100% accurate. There can be variations, but this is the only reliable source ( at least the option) we have if we are to look into Facebook stats.

  4. I too think 500k is a highly inflated figure but interesting stats! :)

  5. these are some really interesting stats! :D

  6. 500K that's a huge contrast from twitter where only about 1,000 users are positively identified as being from Sri Lanka.

  7. I have to do a detail study about facebook and college students.. can someone find me some facts about the influence it has on kids.. thank you

  8. does any one have any idea on how to get access to the click through rate of face book in sri lanka?
    i need some information to prove that sri lankan users are 'actively participating' on facebook - any ideas on how i can show that?

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  10. Very nicely done. Any recent report on the statistics?