Tuesday, March 30, 2010

God was a leftist!!!

Okay.. so this post might not be the most logical or the most entertaining, rather it is the end-product of too much study, too little sleep and friends who are too busy with work to hook up for a drink in the evening.

Anyways the thought struck me while I was reading through my anatomy book this morning in a frantic effort to cram each and every structural detail of the human body before my 1st MBBS exam.

But seriously assuming that there was some sort of intelligent creation, it's uncanny how the left side of the body is almost always, slightly different from the expected norm... just as if- God was/is a leftist!

Just look at the facts.. in 90 percent of people the left side of the brain is more dominant than the right, with the important motor and speech centers being located on the same side. If u move further down the body, the left vagus nerve branch - the reccurent laryngeal nerve hooks around the ligamentum arteriosum and ascends in the tracheo-osophageal groove to the larynx.

The left bronchus is slightly more horizontal than the right, which prevents objects from going into the left lung if we are studpid/drunk enough to shove them down our trachea. The left kidney is one vertebral level above the right, and the left gonadal vein drains in to the left renal vein, whereas on the right it directly drains to the inferior vena cava.

Even the left testis hangs slightly lower than the right,which means that the conditions on the left side are optimal for sperm production.

Damn!! I even use my left hand for jacking off!!


  1. LOL, Nice Post bro...great to see that stuying isnt the only thing you've been doing lately..;)

  2. Hmmmm... being a left hander isn't easy, esp. when instruments / appliances are designed for "righties".

    The last sentence was leeee...eetle bit too much information! :)

  3. hehehe...dont scare me...i'm still on my first semester!!!

  4. haha hmmm well i cant help but accuse u of a minor act of plagiarism...u knw wat i'm talking abt. Well thats how amazing the human body is...as for me i dont believe in a blind watchmaker aka evolution. this is intelligent creATION at its best...save the last part...thats totally a result of u being too horny
    @peny says- haha dont gt scared, being aware of how downright depressing this medstudent role is better than inevitably finding urself thr in a few years =]

  5. @ Bawa... u should write more

  6. @ angel- i never said i was a leftie.. but ur brilliant medical mind managed to figure tht out eh??? which is y i inserted the last sentence.. as vulgar as it may seem :-).. i'll put up a new poston this.. its a new style of writing that i am sorta experimenting with