Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Wife, the Prostitute and the Golddigger

Let’s assume that there are three types of women out there as the title states, The Prostitute, The Gold Digger and the Wife.

The Prostitute is a woman who has sex with men for money. She does this for a living, usually because she has no choice in the matter. I really doubt anyone does this out of choice. In fact there’s that whole classic scenario that happens even here with the Chinese and possibly Russians who are told that they’ll be given a good job if they come to a particular country. Once they get here it’s another story entirely and it’s either work or go back home… except they’re paying for the ticket.

Porn stars are another matter entirely and the people who work in that business as certain unnamed people pointed out can be highly educated business people – yes even the women. Anyway last point about the prostitute, she is probably never ever going to complain probably because she doesn’t give a damn about you and will most likely never see you again.

The Gold Digger on the other hand is a woman who will do anything for her own security, wealth and comfort. The ultimate extreme would be marrying someone they care absolutely nothing about just for the money and comfortable life. There are plenty of women who are willing to do this… I suppose it’s a biological survival mechanism or something. But what is the difference between a woman like this and the prostitute?

The answer is quite simply the money. You see the prostitute is paid on a wage basis whereas the Gold Digger gets paid on a monthly basis… a salary if you will. The latter type of women will typically have a monthly expenditure amount that Hubby/Gold Mine is willing to put up with. While technically it can’t be seen like this, if you were to divide the amount of money she siphons off in to months or years you can work out the salary or annual gross.

Of course the job description is a little more complicated and can involve birthing and raising children in addition to being a smiley representative. These things are just not cheap. But such women are probably amicable as long as you can keep paying, though probably less amicable than the prostitute.

But you know what’s even more surprising… it’s the men who actually don’t mind marrying a woman like that. What exactly is going on in their heads? Do they even care? Are they anyway having affairs with a stand in wife to cover the fact and maintain appearances? If the latter is the case, then they are getting what they paid for I suppose: a total farce of marriage to keep people placated and stop asking questions.

Now we come in for the wife which is probably the most complicated. This ‘type’ of woman I assume would enter relationships for more suitable reasons such as building a long term commitment. Her duties aren't part of a salary package and she’s going to be squeezing out babies for absolutely no additional charge. The wife is also probably going to be very cranky and highly likely to complain and be an all around bitch.

Not surprising since she had the misfortune of loving your sorry ass. See that’s the main thing that would separate the wife from the other two; that iffy little word called ‘love’ and that’s the difference. The love of a woman is not for free, but you can't buy it… for it was never for sale.


  1. *sings*
    I don't care too much for money,
    but money can't buy me love!


  2. Egad! I think this is the most profound post I've come across on this blog!

    Wonder though... there is a 4th type who seem to be in the fringes - the arranged marriage woman. Similar to the gold digger in that she trades in for security (financial and social), but also complicated not for money stuff like the "wife". Except bthat the iffy thing called love mmay not come into the equation.

  3. ♫...She takes my money, well I'm in need..

    Yeah she's a triflin' friend indeed

    Oh she's a gold digger way over time

    That digs on me...♫ :D

  4. Keeping with the musical theme :D

    You don't have to wear that dress tonight
    Walk the streets for money
    You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right

  5. So sorry to interrupt the male bonding going on in the comments up there :P but I think you've forgotten the Whore (the male equivalent of the Player)? No money, no security, no love, just the reckless unadulterated thrill of the game.
    Prolly the most lethal pawn, cuz nobody's really sure what she gets out of it.

  6. mm brilliant post i must say :)

    @realskullzero: ♫but she ain't messin with no broke nigga's♫ lol

  7. The description of wife is so me. How do you have so much insight? I don't think you can stereotype.We marry for love but the guy has to be suitable- job,family etc.. The marriage would not work otherwise. There is love in proposed marriages. How about gold-digger men?

  8. @purpleboxers Ahaha...LOL true true :P