Saturday, February 13, 2010

A New Political Candidate?

With the recent happenings regarding our Good General it seems to me that another person has stepped on to the scene. Who am I talking about? No one but but the Good General's wife nonetheless. Crazy idea? Hmm...

Well let's see, having watched some of the press conferences, what comes across is that this woman has a far better 'stage' presence than that of Sarath Fonseka and generally comes across as being more polished. She seems quite interesting to watch unlike her husband who just might put you to sleep.

It appears to me that the longer Mr. Fonseka is in trouble, the longer she will be in front of the cameras and talking to the nation. Going to the hypothetical: if anything were to happen to Sarath Fonseka she would be the prime candidate to lead any kind of 'new wave' of politics. After all the grieving widow has generally been quite a success politically especially when considering the likes of the Bandaranaikes, Sonia Gandhi and Corazon Aquino.

To be cold and a realist, one wonders if the opposition themselves might put 'two' in him... after all seems like no one really gave a damn about Sarath Fonseka.

A pile of crap or not... it's up to you to decide.


  1. You know, I really want to understand this whole Sarath Fonsenka issue... we just get random news update about stuff.. like today there was one saying that you supreme court has allowed him to appeal some judgement. Basically, could you please tell me WHAT has happened? I know about how he lost the election, but since then it's all weird. Why do they want to throw him out of SL? Is it something specific, or just the winner's machinations?

    Oh, and yeah- your point about the grieving widow bit is right on. Every one knows who runs the show in India, and it's not the elected Prime Minister, or his cabinet.

  2. You got a point or two there! I have not seen her on TV nor have I heard her speak. But then again anybody could be better than the general in speeches and politics.

  3. Quite true what you say...Anoma has a good influential presence...who knows it may be another trump card for the opposition if something was to happen to SF...

  4. I think her intention is to first and foremost get her husband out... I think! ;)

  5. Wait. I have another question. Is the opposition based on ideology or facts or just that there is something said by the ruling party, so they oppose it? The last one is what happens here.

  6. LOL...the story is same here as well..i mean see hw many times ppl crossed frm the opposition to government and vise versa...everyone just oppose for the sake of opposing...most of the time..

  7. @ Mixedblessings: Well his claims against the government are quite serious which has put it under international scrutiny. The General is also challenging the election results...

    @Magereta: You have a point there!

    @Chavie: Yes... I might have been a little cynical there.