Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Up Side - Down Side

Very recently my Father had to have an operation after messing up his leg. Straight after his accident he ended up at the General Hospital. They had to operate on his leg and afterward he stayed in the hospital for a little over a week before being able to come home. How much did all of this cost? Nothing. The entire thing could have cost a few hundred thousand rupees.

Everyone seems quick to point out all the flaws of the system we have in Sri Lanka but there are some benefits. At least you're never going to die from not being able to afford medical care. Now I'm sure that someone will say that we are anyway paying for it... true. But those people who can't afford it can still get medical care thanks to that system.

Free medical care is something closer to an Utopian society and I for one think we should never give it up.


  1. Glad to see a positive comment about the Healthcare system.
    We do so much, with so little, and are so rarely appreciated, which vexes us so, when so much is made of, so little mishaps/blunders every day in the media.

  2. very true. at the same time, while appreciating it, i'm sure there is a lot that can be improved but the criticism needs to be constructive and those who can change it should take it seriously.

    It is easy to complain. Hard to do. But people can change the little things, what they can - sometimes a smile and a great attitude is all that's needed. It isn't really the system but the people working in it.

    May there always be free health care!

  3. I used to complain about the SL health care system until I had to go to a Australian medical centre without medical insurance. I had to dig up a c/c and pay the fee while blood was dripping all over from my face. Only when the c/c transaction was approved, I was able to see the doctor. Although once doc got to know that my medical insurance had lapsed, he treated and magically disappeared inside. I didnt have to pay for the stiches and shots.

    Free health care is one of the best things about SL.

  4. For sure .My grandma got chemo for next to nothing at the Cancer home. The ward was crowded as hell, and it was bit depressing, but she got through it and that's what matters. Seen Micheal Moore's 'Sicko'? scary. we should be thankful :)

  5. hope your dad's doing better now man! :)

  6. Oh man...two things in Sri Lanka that you can be greatful for...free health care and the free education system..,

  7. yeah free health is good. So is free education. No one complains about the free stuff :) but the system needs vast improvements when you think about quality of life as a whole.