Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Thing about Moshing and Headbanging…

Is that it is a fucking stress reliever. People may perceive it in different ways but being at a gig and forgetting all your life’s problems and letting yourself go is an amazing experience. It is an aggressive expression that helps one to relieve themselves and forget all frustrations or problems in life. This might not be common for all, but I find serenity at a good mosh pit. Contrary to popular belief and stereotyping of metal heads as violent individuals, I see them as a great bunch of personalities who have chosen to express themselves in a very different manner.  It’s great to be at a gig, even though you may not know everyone very well at the pit all are the same. 

There will be the AILD gig happening today and it would be one of the best things to have happened to the Sri Lankan metal scene. Nervecell is an amazing band who I would really like to see perform live. Hoping the small but devoted fan base would turn up for the gig on time at Viharamaha Devi today…

This is Black Label by Lamb of God, a great moshpit track which Tantrum does an amazing cover over here...

See you all at the pit..!!


  1. true that bro. it is basically what makes us strong to live with the messed up conformity of our society. and what matters most is that the feeling you get when u are down and there's always someone to lift u up or give u a hand to get up at least, in those pits. irrelevant of his personality or what he does , he's my bro. \m/

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  3. I agree... there is a bit of an incorrect stereotype for metal heads. However you won't see me jumping in the mosh anytime soon!

  4. yeah..thats way too obvious when u are with your partner..:)