Thursday, August 6, 2009

Its dead, its gone.... its buried!

Its official! ROmance is dead! That would be the gist what i hope is not going to sound like a blog post written by a frustrated post menopausal woman on anti-depressants.

My story beings thus, since Skull and DRG already explained the Psycho Chick phenomenon it would suffice to say that the Psycho Chick whom i lusted after is no longer an object of my fascination. Why? She just isnt romantic enough. I know this sounds kinds strange because usually its the fairer sex that complains about men, not being romantically inclined.

But as I sit here in my bright green Arugam Bays, wearing a pink shirt.. i have finally realized what men all over the world are beginning to realize. The tables have been turned, the female gender has become the hunters and has relegated ( i don't mean to be sexist but after centuries of being the dominant gender,it is a bit of let down) to being the gatherers.

Women call the shots now, women fare better at school, are more adept at the workplace and though it isnt a genralisation..sometimes out earn their partners.

So with this dramatic shift of gender roles, what has it done to us men? Back to my Psycho Chick.. ( excuse the long drawn out tangent :p) During one of our many long conversations she told me that I should get a move on with my love life.. and that all the good 'chicks' are fast being snapped up...she proceeded to give me some advice concentrate on one girl until u get her... being the hopeless romantic I am, this did alarm be a bit, and i even thought it bordered upon being stalkerish.

What about love? What about Romance? When I meet the right girl things will just happen, there will be fireworks... was my response.. trying to in a round about kinda way to implicate her as the object of my desires. Her response: A loud laugh... that stuff's dead dude! Women don't look for emotional poets anymore. they look a decent guy who doesn't make an ass of himself ( by this time my ex-gf's parting words were ringing in my ear- i love u but ur just too messed up)... honestly is this true?

I mean don't women want love anymore? Has wild romanticism been replaced by compatibility... Whatever happened to riding off into the sunset? Has that been replaced by coffee dates at Barista's... Whatever happened to the days of romeo and juliet? Whatever happened to those French poets and romantics? Are company executives somehow more sexy than wildly adventurous investigative journalists or George Clooney look-alike surgeons working in war and famine stricken Africa?

Whatever happened to women who would swoon after romantic poets and artists and actors, do they now swoon after over-weight executives, bankers and human resource managers?

Does Romance mean nothing to u girls?


  1. Well, your ex seems to be...unique.
    Romance is hardly dead! Faaar from it really.
    Get out and meet more girls, you'd be surprised...

  2. wow. this made me think. ur right!

  3. Screw dat bro

    When u hit true romance- there will be fireworks n shit (although it maybe only in your head or whateva). If u don't feel dat shit, then ur not livin ur life true... If she wants her lil accountant n doesn't care about da heart stuff, he's da person who's gonna miss out

  4. First off... its good to see you back in action!

    Erm I think it just depends on the person dude. One romantic person will find another romantic person. A person who is more practical will end up with a person who is similarly practical.

    Just seems this women isn't really your type dude... but please do carry on by all means!

    "i love u but ur just too messed up)" Wow... owch!

  5. It Exists Bro.. but as The Puppeteer said u should go out and meet more girls.. Everybody is not the Same...Good Luck and keep your Head Up !! Ladies these days are different.. But remember..Everyone has one thing in Common..
    A Heart !!

  6. Love ur literature mate..Yet “does romance mean nothing to u girls” is a little too harshly generalized! Just cos many girls go for top jobs, money & pathetically lame celeb looks these days, doesn’t have to mean that everyone is all so materialized..
    Love, romance, poetry (and definitely fireworks!) matters big time dude and they sure do still exist..have faith!