Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Girl Named Sue (Extended after today)

Dunno what it is... but this woman makes me wanna sing for some reason. Its fun and funny. LOL.

She sends me a mail with a mildly apologetic tone after our conversation today when I was never mad or discouraged to begin with. A silly, sweet, and funny woman. Oh... and she's kinda my boss now!

I'm pretty sure she has to have a mean darkside... SOMEWHERE.


  1. Oh! Sue baby!!! what have u done to our boys ha???? heard ton and tons about u...
    hmmmmmm let's jam it with guitars sometime when we r free!!!

  2. WTF...dude keep foxy's throbbing emotional vents to himself...dont drag me into

  3. ..oh and btw foxhound she has! lol

  4. Hey Jerk! Man, were they right about you going emo... :P