Saturday, April 11, 2009


I'm feeling it now
This strange sense of freedom
All the weight is gone
I feel so light

Nothing has changed
and yet nothing is the same
Why does it feel so good?

I'm lucky
I'm free
All my troubles from yesterday are still with me
Yet they don't bother me

I'm in the same place I was yesterday
but everything seems so much better now
Half Full it is

Many may say success
hardwork and so many other
things are the path to freedom
But they are wrong.
Eternally striving is to be slave to something else

I don't know what this is I've written
But I am not ashamed or embarrassed.
My heart, inner soul told me to do it.
I'm listening to myself...


  1. thts right dude!! keep tht positive attitude up!!

  2. Wow. Nice.

    You guys have an award to collect :)