Monday, April 13, 2009

A Cigarette a Day Keeps the Terrorists Away…

Well, anything from a baby diaper to men’s undergarments that the government could impose tax on will help fight off the terrorists. Yes the hefty defense budget which has done miracles for the current government will need its yearly dose of collected tax money to fend off Prabha and the gang. And I have no problem with that, but I guess alcohol and cigarettes in particular play a major role as they are the loyal uninterrupted tax revenue generator for any cash strapped government.

I was not so surprised to walk in to a shop and find out that a cigarette has been increased by 2 rupees. Alcohol has also been increased some even by 50 rupees, but as anyone would guess there will not be any significant decrease in consumption. On the contrary more people are flocking into bars and local restaurants to enjoy the “Awrudu Spirit”. It’s the ideal inelastic good which the government could bully as much as they want and still win the hearts of the masses by doing so.

Yes, the deadly and cursed cigarette and alcohol companies bring nothing but dismay and tragedy to our society, its them who create so much dismay in rural households, its them who thrive on profits while seeing people die. Ah…the badass multinationals and the corrupt idiotic consumers. Lets teach them a lesson, lets increase the tax, not because we don’t have money to run the country, noooh way! Because we really need to teach those bastards a lesson..!

Well, next time you light one up or pour a small drink just think about the positive contribution. Btw Calypso sucks! its a freaking cocktail drink but the damn thing is still in the market and is often sold off to unsuspecting consumers who come in search of  normal white rum!


  1. dude!! when it comes to white rum.. always trust to Rockland baby!! =D

  2. ah
    good to know all those ciggies are going for a good cause
    heh heh

  3. Heres a thought: Why smoke anyway???

  4. Haha good one, and great pic! Anyway 60% of all hard liquor consumed in sl is illegal. so no taxes there. And its a neat trick increasing it during avurudhu. ensures there wont be a sudden shock reactionary ebb in sales. Clever buggers! and yes calypso does suck.

  5. Now I won’t feel that bad about busting money on booze and fags, oh sorry, contributing to the government. :D

  6. Haha nice :)

    Although, when I was younger, I wouldn't have been able to understand the sarcasm... my parents always emphasized the capability of 'nashe ki lat' or the habit of any intoxicant, to ruin lives and families...

    BTQ, you guys still haven't collected the award.

  7. @ Still- hehe yeah! best with Apple Soda!

    @ Fallen - Yeh who says smoking is bad?

    @niroshini - hmm..may be now i ve got a reason?? hehe

    @whackster - yeah! what they shud actually do is to bring the tax on alcohol down then all those illegal activity wud go off and increase tax money for the government. and wud help mitigate disastrous deaths and poisonings...

    @serenib - yeah! I make sure i pay my weekly

    mixdblessings - well, i wudnt have understood this either when i was young..heh...but at least the money is going for a cause...hehe

    btw how can we collect the award?

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  9. I heard this too be quite accurate. The e cig attracts terrorist tho lol.

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