Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The State of Affairs

Well....just sat down to write a post on our beloved project Mathwaada, it was really hard to choose between a neatly rolled time freeze and an aching butt freeze with the pain of typing, but continuous contemplation and postponements really compelled me to choose the latter. It has been a while since I last posted. Tried to stay in touch through the blog updates on the blogger dashboard, but that also started to slip away given the tremendous amount of laziness which came really close to winning even today.

Well, apart from Foxhounds continuous sprouting of Posts it seems that all our contributors have completely gone M.I.A. It’s actually been sometime since I’ve even seen those buggers. Guess their online guises don’t really help them out much in real life and its problems…, though real life and its problems are the main source of inspiration which compels many of us to write.

If you just take a look at our archives you can see the steady decline of posts, but it really thrilled me when I saw the comments on our last post, and it really got me thinking and made me realize that there are still people who come in and have a look around even though sometimes we have left the blog completely idle and without any new posts.

I guess its time for us to come up with a new look or something; I don’t know have to set up a small reunion I guess….Thats the stage we are going through these days…Ok now…where’s that Rizla…?


  1. There's nothing wrong with the look... I quite like it actually. Very minimalistic and clean.

    Just get to posting... =)

  2. yeah.. man.. i agree with M.o.M.. the looks alryt.. just miss u buggers good stuff..

  3. Hell, I didn't really read it before, now IU'm interested enough to read it. Where be the posts?

    Come hither!

  4. HEy thanks guys!! really appreciate it! Will try to put our act together somehow...thanks!