Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Double Life

Sometimes people can just outright surprise you. Appearing always as one particular way, giving off an impression that is readily accepted by everyone. But as in many cases, appearances can be deceiving.

So it was a fair shock when I recently stumbled across someone in a place that they shouldn't have been in, and neither should I for that matter? This person appears mild mannered at all times, completely respectable and for all appearances... boring.

Catching this person indulging in a smoke in a extremely relaxed manner completely destroyed my perception of this individual. Even though the secret is out, this individual carries on in the usual manner, and it is only after dark that they bring out that other side. Who knows what he's really capable of or what he does in his spare time. Hell he might even be reading this...

Though I must really take off my hat in salute to the complete flawless image that was broadcasted. Absolutely superb.

My question is... if the mild mannered and supposedly timid etc etc guy is secretly indulging in a smoke... then what is everyone else really doing in their spare time?


  1. what is it to u if he was indulging in a smoke.. damn find some better material to write about!

    this blog is getting boring by the day. what happened to all that initial pizazz u guys had?

  2. lol yeah this is slightly lacking in pizazz i guess. but very interesting point. I guess theres a reason they say that u cant judge a book by its cover

  3. You don't wanna know!

    Ok, absolutely nothing, to be honest *pouts* How sad is that!

  4. wanna know what i do in my spare time..:P lol any ways i know what ur talkin abt heheh...nice one!!

  5. Somwhere I read, "Character is something that we do when no one is looking."
    Btw, is smoking such a big negative? Or does this person campaigns against smoking? :-)

  6. Well I guess if the guy is being hypocritical, as Bindhu suggests, there are people like that out there...
    They can artfully cozen people into believing they're something they're not...
    Well anyway... it's got to be tough trying to fool the world.
    If they aren't hurting anyone, I say live and let live

  7. Maybe he didn't intentionally fool anyone, but thought it wasn't anyone else's business?

  8. Some ppl smoke and some do not.. people are always double faced..that's pre school knowledge. do you publicize the fact that you wank off to britney spears every night before bed?