Thursday, February 5, 2009

Society is a little B**ch

Society, often hailed as something great and ideal it is often held that its judgements and actions are the most important. But perhaps the truth is the opposite, perhaps society is just a pointless security measure.

Don't be a part of society. Why? Simply because society itself has never done anything great. But wait... society is what invented all kinds of great inventions and systems. Surely it is the ideal basis that we all depend on for our day to day lives?

In reality is it really society or is it the individual who comes up with great ideas? Was Einstein following the herd when he came up with his theories or did he stand out of the crowd and lead the herd somewhere else?

Whoever invented the telephone (Bell or whoever really did it) did they follow the rules? Isn't the very fabric of people we hold esteemed in the view of society the very people who are not actually a part of it? Whether its a great leader, celebrity or any other figure?

So I ask you, what the hell does society know? Society creates a bunch of rules and regulations that everyone follows without questioning. Every now and then again and individual comes along who shakes up society. Society either responds by removing the individual or coming around to heel.

The truth is societies can achieve great things, only when an individual is in the driving seat. So really... is there anything that great about just following the herd? Sure it reduces risk, provides security and a path well tread, but is that all that great?


On an unrelated note... I'd like to apologize for not commenting on people's blogs. Its nothing personal, just been strapped for time recently.


  1. You are right. Society is a B***h and I don't care what this B***h tells me, teaches me or expects me to do :-)

  2. Lately i.... begin to feel that when i drive myself my light is found, Incubus

    Agreed bro, Society is full of ppl who are intellectually conservative.... we need more liberal thinking ppl around, re shaping the landscape, breaking the status quo and redifining existance,

  3. Yeah society can be a bitch. It tends to choke down individualism every now and then.
    Not being a part of it isn't as easy as it sounds though. Loads of people go all, yeah down with society! and self-proclaim their anti-socialness, but later you find them passing judgment and behaving with the common mindset of those inside society.
    So if you can really leave the clan and truly look at things from the outside, more power to ya! :)

  4. hmm yeah...being different can't always be archived by ignoring the society. At times you would have to follow the others to understand that you are heading the wrong direction....

  5. What are you talking about? Society created all the institutions- the mental hospital, the government, religion, marriage... :P

    Oh, btw, did you know that society first rejected Graham Bell's ideas... they thought they were useless... :D

    And it's cool about not commenting, as long as you don't completely disappear :)

    Good luck!

  6. The Mathawaada boys/girls have been Invited!


  8. Pressure to conform will be there always. But it's up to you to decide - follow the herd or choose your own path.