Friday, January 30, 2009

The Last Terrorist

Well sorry for the short post, but i belive the video speaks for itself. Just came across a new release by Ajith Kumarasiri, one of the best underground musicians in Sri Lanka. I value him for his music and the messages that he's trying to communicate which are undoubtedly uncommon to many in this country.

The ordeal this country is going through now has been capured in one of the best ways possible.... enjoy!


  1. Ajith Kumarasiri seriously kicks ass...Some balls on the dude...we should be getting him to perform for our gigs dont you think...i've been tryin to get in touch with him for a long time now to do a story about him and also ask him if he's interested in playing some gigs in colombo but i havnt been able to yet...the number i got doesnt work...any idea how i can contact him?

  2. damn cant access the vid. will try later then..

  3. NAiice! how come id never heard of this guy before my sexy blogger friend ? :)