Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Procrastination... the worst thing to do!

How many times have you sat there, thinking, waiting, planning that perfect thing you were gonna do? It's got to be perfect, examine all the variables, 1+1=2.5 etc etc. But in the end, the moment passes and the final result... you achieved nothing.

We're all looking for perfection in so many areas, but is there ever anything in life that is completely perfect? I don't think so. Then why do things have to be perfect, or just right? Why do we plan them in such a way since it's never going to happen? Who knows? Probably because we really want to pull off everything just right.

In reality nothing is perfect, no inanimate object, no person. Nothing. In fact if things were perfect life would be pretty boring and maybe it's the very imperfections that make life interesting. Without the failures and imperfections, how would we ever know to celebrate the events and successes that go close to perfection?

For that very reason imperfection itself is needed, it's a necessary 'evil' if you will. A good friend of mine recently told me that the advice I'd given him was very good. What was the advice? Well if you're going to write something, just write a piece of crap first, then refine it. Otherwise if you try to write a Picasso from the start you're never getting anywhere.

And it's this same attitude that works with a lot of things. The first mobile phones have nothing on the ones we use today. Did they try and make the ultimate phone on the first day? Hell no! They slowly bit by bit improved the technology until we ended up with what we have today. Everything has got to start somewhere, and if you're going to do something momentous, it's a long long, long, long, slow road ahead.

I'm not going to be one of those (what I like to call) 'false prophets' who tell you that you can get up tomorrow and change your entire life in a day. That's a load of bullcrap and that 'high' feeling is only going to last so long before it evaporates right back in to the nothingness it came from. What you can do is be aware of something, and then take your time to achieve it. It doesn't come overnight like some wonder drug.

I'm going to round off with this: If you're going to wait for the perfect moment, or to unleash that perfect thing, chances are... you'll be waiting forever!


  1. well said!

  2. Hey :)
    Well, since I am the queen of procrastination... what can I say? I like this, but just to get in a different perspective, I need to have a certain gestation period for just about everything. It helps me get a clearer picture about stuff... so in that sense, I guess it's alright to wait a bit.

  3. well done Foxhound!
    i was a procrastinator in the past but after i found my boy friend i got to know that there is nothing called "perfect time", "opportune moment" or "perfection" in that sense.
    anyway i think life's definitely more interesting with spontaneity and surprises-it's gonna be really boring if we knew everything that happens and when it will happen.
    It's clear, we CANNOT plan our life-that's God's job and it's best if we left that to Him alone.
    If you're still in doubt, corn flakes was a mistake-there you go!

  4. That's exactly right. If you spend the whole time planning and waiting for something to be perfect. You are just wasting time you could use to make it perfect! Work hard and you never know what till come of it, wait around and you can be sure nothing will.